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People will hate you and you wont be able to see your feet. Also watch out for insane amounts of purple pee.

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Can exercise change your period?

More likely a change in the percentage of body fat will change that.

What is the average percentage of body fat?

The average percentage of body fat for women is 21 to 31 percent. The average for men is 18 to 24 percent. The body fat can change depending on if you are athletic or not.

How do rainforest animals adapt in the rainforest?

they change there body fat or thin if it if freezing or boiling

How much water fat do you have in your body?

about 90% of your body fat is made of water. i like body fat :)

Does your body fat percent change when you have a bowel movement?

No, and here's why. Usually, BMs have next to no body-fat in them, but some people can shed a pound or more of fat per day (albeit sometimes dangerously) by water-fasting or the Master Cleanse. Also, people who take Alli will have quite a bit of liguified-fat in their stools. In this case, it would take at least a week's worth of bowel-movements to make that much of a change in body fat percentage.

The time the body takes to change carbohydrates into fat?

When you intake excess carbohydrates than you required it is turned to fat. Not only carbohydrates, proteins will also turns to fat if taken in excess. But there are times when carbohydrates won't change to fat. These are post workout meal and breakfast.

Does your ideal body fat percentage change with age?

Your ideal body fat percentage increases slightly with age. That said, there are plenty of individuals over 60 who enjoy very low body fat percentages. There's certainly no harm in trying to be as lean and cut as possible!

What happens when you have no fat?

If you had no body fat, you would die. Everybody has (and needs!) body fat.

What you should consider is your body fat?

You should consider your fat tissues as your body fat.

Why does the body store fat?

The body stores fat to save energy for when the body needs it. It also uses fat to regulate the body temperature.

Is it a sin to change the body god gave you?

I dont think so as long as it is for fat reasons...

What is total body fat?

I think it's fat in your body

What is fat and what is it used for in the body?

the fat in your body is used for protiene

How is fat stored in the body?

Fat is stored in deposits in the body. When the body does not receive nourishment, it begins to use to fat deposits.

Does your body eat muscle fat or body fat?

If you aren't eating, your body will eat the muscle fat before it eats the body fat. Don't try to not eat for the purpose of losing weight. You won't lose the body fat, and you will become very unhealthy.

What is the definition of Body Composition?

Body composition refers to the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in the body. Those with a higher proportion of fat-free mass to a lower proportion of body fat have a healthy body composition.

What is the best way to measure my body fat weight?

The closest way to measure your body fat weight is to first analyze your body fat percentage. You can do this with a machine called the body fat analyzer. You will then get an idea of how your body is composed.

Why do you need fat in the body?

The body needs fat to produce energy. Too much fat is not good for the body. It is recommended to have 25% of daily calories come from fat.

How does the body metabolize fat?

the body has a hard time to metabolize fat

How does fat affect your body?

fat affect your body because you can get obesity

How can one calculate body fat percentage?

One can calculate the percentage of fat there is in their body by using the Body Fat Percentage Calculator provided by Healthy Forms which lets you calculate the percentage of fat in your body.

How can you tell how much body fat you have without scales?

Online Body Fat calcuator or fat calipers.

What nutrients help the body burn fat?

Mostly the fat present in fish burns the fat in our body.

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