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It's called the Billings Method. You can Google it and find links. It should be taught by a qualified medical professional.

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Q: How does the calendar method work?
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Calendar method how is work?

This method is very undependable unless your cycle is extremely regular.

Is calendar method is now a artificial family method?

No, the calendar method is a NATURAL method.

Is calendar method effective?

The calendar method is the least dependable method of contraception (aside from keeping your fingers crossed).

What is a work calendar?

A calendar at your work, for your work, that has your work schedule on it, etc.

How do you use the calendar method?

Your doctor needs to train you.

How do you use calendar method?

Your doctor has to train you to use it properly.

When to get pregnant using calendar method?

days 12-15

How does Japanese calendar differ from western calendar?

The primary difference is in how they count years. They base their years on the reign of an emperor rather than the method of defining them by the Christian calendar.

What is method of reckoning dates using gregorian calendar?

New Style.

How many months your menstrual cycle be observe in calculating calendar method?

You should observe your cycles for around six months before using the calendar method. It is important to recognize that the calendar method isn't very reliable, it is much better to use the symptothermal method to observe and track your cycles - especially if using these methods as birth control. You can read more about symptothermal methods via taking charge of your fertility.

How did the aborigines work out their calendar?


What are the advantages and disadvantages using calendar methods in family planning?

Some of the advantages of using the calendar methods in family planning is that you do not have to see a doctor in order to implement this method, and you do not have to remember to take a pill or get a shot. The main disadvantage to this method is the fact that many women do not always have a regular cycle. Even those who normally do, may have times when the do not, this would make the calendar method unreliable.

What prior year calendar will work for 2012?

1984 was the last year that had the same calendar as 2012.

What is the p90x calendar?

The P90x calendar is the work out schedule. When you purchase P90x you will receive 13 DVDs. The P90x calendar tells you which discs to do on what day based on which week your on.

What is the medieval calendar in 1066?

The medieval calendar served as a map of the Church year. While following the method of the Roman calendar in determining dates, it also listed saints' days and other religious feasts and recorded the phases of the moon.

How was the calendar related to math?

Because math are numbers which are needed to work out years, months, weeks and days of the calendar

What prior year calendar will work for 2009?


How does a lunation and tide calendar work?

cow are wild

Does the scientific method work?

yes the scientific method does work . results of tests and expirements prove the accuracy of this method of uncovering science.

How do you calculate the calendar rhythm method?

There are 3 different ways to use the rhythm method and it's best to combine all of them. Your doctor needs to train you on how to do it properly.

What is the RILEY method?

It's a work method in illustration

Calendar method for ovulation not to conceive?

there is this program you can download from the internet and its great good luck

How do you do a calendar method to avoid pregnancy?

You need training from your doctor, and this method is best used by married couples whose religious beliefs don't allow birth control.

Difference between method study and work measurement?

Differentiate between work study and method study.

What did Roger Bacon discover?

Gunpowder was invented in China but Roger Bacon was the first to write the formula. He is best remembered for the method of scientific discovery. He also recommended calendar reform to the Gregorian calendar.