How does the cervical cancer vaccine work?

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It is actually a vaccine for different types of papillomaviruses (HPV). There is over 120 types of HPVs but most of them are benign. Under 20 of these papillomavirustypes are considered high risk and could cause intraepithelial lesions that may lead to cervical cancer. Most of new cervical cancers are attributable to
high-risk HPVs, making HPV one of the most important infectious cause of cancer. The vaccine prevents from the most common high-risk HPVs which cause over 90% of all genital warts and most of the HPV associated cancer caces.
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How much does cervical cancer cost?

I read up on cervical cancer because my aunt passed away of it, not trying to scare you. But, i did do a lot of research because in my sophomore year i was assigned to research cervical cancer and present it to my class in a powerpoint. Anyways, I found that, cervical cancer depends on your age, on ( Full Answer )

How do you get cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is caused by human papilomavirus virus, or HPV, usually spread through unprotected sex. It can inhibit in one's body without manifesting itself as symptoms.

Can cervical cancer become ovarian cancer?

I just recently had a friend who had both cervical and ovarian cancer. The strange thing was the ovarian cancer was one type of cancer in stage 2 and the cervical cancer was a totally different type of cancer in stage 1. She recovered fully from both.

Who invented cervical cancer vaccine?

Professor Ian Frazer, the Director of the Diamantina Institute of Cancer Immunology and Metabolic Medicine, a research institute of the University of Queensland

Who is the founder of cervical cancer vaccine?

The vaccine is an Australian discovery, by Professor Ian Frazer from the University of Queensland's Center for Immunology and Cancer Research (CICR).. For 20 years, Professor Frazer has been researching the link between papilloma viruses and cancer, seeking ways to treat these viruses in order to r ( Full Answer )

What about cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is cancer of the cells lining the cervix which is the passage between the uterus and the vagina. You can prevent cervical cancer by monitoring risk factors for cervical cancer. Find out more about the several risk factors that increase your chance of developing cervical cancer.

What cancer is linked to cervical cancer?

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How can you get a cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer has multiple risk factors - not just one cause. The majority of cases do come from a sexually transmitted virus called HPV. Genital human papilloma virus (HPV) is the most common sexually transmitted infection (STI). The virus infects the skin and mucous membranes. There are more tha ( Full Answer )

Is the cervical cancer vaccine dangerous?

Accordingly to the latest studies, the vaccine can be dangerous to your overall health. Nothing is said about the really efficiency of the vaccine for cervical cancer.

How does the cervical cancer jab work?

it doesnt work. it just makes things worse. your cells in the body have like a layer of calcium around them, and if they go rotten that's what cancer is. these turn black by eating sugar and rubbish and the jab is full of stuff that your body doesnt need. it is just a con for money even though you d ( Full Answer )

Can IUD cause cervical cancer?

Known risks of an IUD: When inserted: mild to moderate pain followed by cramping or backache 3-6 months: spotting and irregular periods (Mirena) Heavier periods and menstrual cramps (ParaGard) More serious risks: Infection (usually in the first three weeks) IUD Displacement (slips out complete ( Full Answer )

Can you get cervical cancer from herpes?

HPV is the virus that causes cervical cancer. While herpes may increase the risk of having HPV, is is not a direct cause of cervical cancer.

How can you prevent Cervical cancer?

The researchers found that the 16-year risk of cervical cancer was 6.2% for women infected with any carcinogenic strains of the virus. Among women who were persistThe researchers found that the 16-year risk of cervical cancer was 6.2% for women infected with any carcinogenic strains of the virus. Am ( Full Answer )

How many stages are there for cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is split into five stages, listed from Stage 0, up to Stage IV. Stage 0 consists of abnormal cells lining the cervix while Stage IV depicts cancer that has spread to the bladder, rectum, and other parts of the body.

Can chlamydia cause cervical cancer?

No, cancer is not a complication of chlamydia. Long-term effects ofuntreated chlamydia can include chronic pain or infertility, butnot cancer. Almost all cervical cancer is due to HPV, a different germ fromchlamydia. Chlamydia doesn't cause cervical cancer. However, thesame risk factors for chlamyd ( Full Answer )

Does the HPV vaccine prevent cervical cancer?

Yes, the HPV vaccine lower the risk of cervical cancer. It's not likely to prevent 100%, so women still need cervical cancer screening (Pap smears) after having the HPV vaccine.

What does the cervical cancer jab do?

well it stops cancer in the cervical area near the vagina , you can only get it if your sexually active but if you do get cervical cancer then the jab will stop it spreading into the rest of the body . you catch cervical cancer from another person you are sexually active with who has got a kind of c ( Full Answer )

How do people get cervical cancer?

It could be from fainting a lot and finding a lot. Jade Goody had cervical cancer and passed away 22nd March 2009

Is the cervical cancer jab painful?

The first one is like a tiny prickThe second one hurts a bit moreAnd the third one feels the same as the first oneDon't tense your arm and relax!

What does it mean to have terminal cervical cancer?

It means that the person has cancer in the cervix (a ring of muscle between at the end of the vagina that acts as the opening to the uterus) and that it is not able to be treated (they will die from it).

How can cervical cancer be reduced?

A vaccine calle Gardasil is now available to females of 9-26 yrs of age. This vaccine helps prevent the risk of getting cervical cancer. If you have already been exposed to HPV it may help reduce the risk of getting other HPV related baterias and infections that can later on cause cervical cancer.

What is linked to cervical cancer?

The STD Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is linked to cervical cancer.This is why young people are given the HPV vaccine to help preventthem contracting HPV when they become sexually active and in orderto reduce risk of cancers like cervical cancer.

How can someone with cervical cancer sleep?

It's different from everyone but cancer and the treatment takes a toll on your body so often you are very sleepy and sleep a lot. Some also uses sleeping pills. Having cancer is like moving in syrup, someone said. So you can imagine how much energy it takes to do the simplest of things.

What cause's cervical cancer?

The number 1 cause of cervical cancer in women is infection of the HPV (genital wart) virus.

How common is cervical cancer in the U.S.?

In the United States, cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women aged 35-54, and the third most common cancer of the female reproductive tract.

What are the survival rates for cervical cancer?

For cervical cancers that are diagnosed in the preinvasive stage, the five-year-survival rate is almost 100%. When cervical cancer is detected in the early invasive stages, approximately 91% of women survive five years or more.

Can Gonorrhea cause cervical cancer?

Most cervical cancer is caused by HPV (human papillomavirus). Gonorrhea doesn't cause cervical cancer. But gonorrhea and HPV have the same risk factors.

Is breast cancer the same as cervical cancer?

No, breast cancer and cervical cancer are not the same at all. Notleast of all because breast cancer is in the BREAST and cervicalcancer is in the CERVIX, which are different body parts.

Is 45 years old recommended to give cervical cancer vaccine?

The cervical cancer vaccine has been reecommended for use between 9-25 years of age. One's immunity is at its best in the young. There is no contraindication to its use in a 45 year old but the efficacy of this vaccine has not been tested in this age and is likely to be less because of lower immunit ( Full Answer )

What is cervical cancer?

Cervical cancer is a cancer that starts in the cervix at the opening at the of the vagina. It is the 3rd most common type of cancer but affects less women in the US than other countries because of the regular use of pap smears.

Can cervical cancer become bone cancer?

well, it depends what stage the cancer is in. If it is metastasizing then yes you do have the possibility of getting bone cancer. but on the other hand if it is in the early stage there is no fear.

Where can one get a cervical cancer vaccine?

In the UK the cervical cancer vaccine can be purchased and administered at Boots the chemist, a large chain of drugstores. Elsewhere doctors and healthcare professionals can administer the vaccine to boys and girls, this will usually be organised through the school or your paediatrician.

What is the cervical cancer vaccination commonly known as?

In the United States, there are two cervical cancer vaccines that have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration--Gardasil and Cervarix. Both of these drugs have been found to prevent most cases of cervical cancer if given to women before they are exposed to the HPV virus.