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How does the cervical cancer vaccine work?

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It is actually a vaccine for different types of papillomaviruses (HPV). There is over 120 types of HPVs but most of them are benign. Under 20 of these papillomavirustypes are considered high risk and could cause intraepithelial lesions that may lead to cervical cancer. Most of new cervical cancers are attributable to

high-risk HPVs, making HPV one of the most important infectious cause of cancer. The vaccine prevents from the most common high-risk HPVs which cause over 90% of all genital warts and most of the HPV associated cancer caces.

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Can you drink alcohol after the cervical cancer vaccine?

Alcohol does not affect the cervical cancer vaccine. There are no dietary restrictions after any vaccine.

How does ian frazer's work help the society?

Ian Frazer as the inventor of cervical cancer vaccine has helped to society by inventing the cervical cancer vaccine. He has been a great person by inventing this vaccine for cancer and has made a major impact on society

If you have back pain what will happen if you have the cervical cancer vaccine?

cervical cacer vaccine is not usefull

Is the cervical cancer vaccine dangerous?

Accordingly to the latest studies, the vaccine can be dangerous to your overall health. Nothing is said about the really efficiency of the vaccine for cervical cancer.

Does the HPV vaccine prevent cervical cancer?

Yes, the HPV vaccine lower the risk of cervical cancer. It's not likely to prevent 100%, so women still need cervical cancer screening (Pap smears) after having the HPV vaccine.

What vaccine is used to protect against the virus that causes most cervical cancer?

The HPV vaccine prevents the virus that causes most cervical cancer.

Has the hpv vaccine caused women to get cervical cancer?

There is no evidence that HPV vaccine causes cervical cancer. Because the vaccine doesn't contain live virus, it can't cause HPV disease.

Name of cervical cancer vaccine?

HPV jab (:

What STI has been known to cause cervical cancer?

HPV is the STI that can cause cervical cancer. There is a vaccine to prevent this disease.

What is the infection that puts women at risk for cervical cancer?

HPV is the infection that puts women at risk for cervical cancer. The vaccine against cervical cancer lowers the risk significantly.

Does being under weight put you at risk of cervical cancer?

Being underweight does not affect your risk of cervical cancer. If you'd like to prevent cervical cancer, get the HPV vaccine.

Is it possible to get cervical cancer from Gardasil?

No, nor can you receive HPV from the vaccine.

Where can one get a cervical cancer vaccine?

In the UK the cervical cancer vaccine can be purchased and administered at Boots the chemist, a large chain of drugstores. Elsewhere doctors and healthcare professionals can administer the vaccine to boys and girls, this will usually be organised through the school or your paediatrician.

Why is cervical cancer different then other cancers?

Cervical cancer is different from many other cancers in that it is caused by a virus. It also has a preventive vaccine available.

Can HPV cause cancer?

HPV can cause cervical cancer.Yes, the virus can cause cervical cancer, so it is prudent to immunize yourself with Gardasil or other HPV vaccine.

How is cervical cancer different from other cancers?

Cervical cancer differ from other cancers because there's an available vaccine to prevent it. Also, it's caused by a virus.

At what age vaccine to prevent cervical cancer can be taken?

13 to 18 years old

How can cervical cancer be reduced?

A vaccine calle Gardasil is now available to females of 9-26 yrs of age. This vaccine helps prevent the risk of getting cervical cancer. If you have already been exposed to HPV it may help reduce the risk of getting other HPV related baterias and infections that can later on cause cervical cancer.

If you are a girl and your not a virgin and your having your first cervical cancer jab soon can you still have it?

Yes, the vaccine will work whether or not you've had sex, unless you have HPV.

What are the pros and cons of the HPV vaccine?

The advantages of the HPV vaccine are protection against cervical cancer and cervical dysplasia. Avoiding the treatment of these conditions can preserve fertility. The cons are the discomfort of the shot, which is much less than the discomfort of cancer and dysplasia treatment.

What is linked to cervical cancer?

The STD Human Papillomavirus (HPV) is linked to cervical cancer. This is why young people are given the HPV vaccine to help prevent them contracting HPV when they become sexually active and in order to reduce risk of cancers like cervical cancer.

Can the cervical cancer vaccine make you put on weight?

That side effect has not been reported by the FDA

Why will cervical cancer continue to decline?

Cervical cancer will continue to decline with increased adoption of the HPV vaccine. In addition, more targeted screening for HPV-related cervical dysplasia is making it easier to identify high-risk women.

Can genital warts cause cervical cancer?

The subtypes of HPV that cause genital warts are not typically the subtypes that increase the risk of cervical cancer. The HPV vaccine lowers the risk of the subtypes that most commonly cause cancer.

Have any vacciine for Uterian Cancer?

There is no vaccine for cancer of the uterine lining; however, hormonal birth control such as the pill, patch, ring, shot, or hormonal IUD all but eliminates the risk of endometrial cancer. There is a vaccine for prevention of cervical cancer.