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when i removed the heater for my nova i had to disconnect the cables and wires from the heater assy and on the engine side of the firewall remove the nuts holding the assy to the firewall that allowed the whole assy to come out from under the dash then i dissassembled the assy and the heater core was bolted into the assy on the ends hope this helps

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โˆ™ 2008-12-20 20:24:45
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Q: How does the heater core for a 1968 Chevy 2 Nova come out?
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A diagram from a 1991 Chevy van G20 heater core box that a heater core come out of?

diagram for a 92 Chevy van g20 Heater core

What year did the Chevy 350 motor come out?


How do you remove the heater core in a 1988 Chevy G20?

Drain the water from your 1988 Chevy cooling system. Remove the heater core water supply hoses. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. The heater core will come out.

Replace the heater core on a 1985 Chevy van G30?

Remove the water supply hoses from your 1985 Chevy heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. The heater core will come out. Reverse the process to install your new heater core.

What is the fairing order for a 1977 Chevy Nova v6?

The 1977 Chevy Nova came with an inline 6 and a V8. They did not come with a V6. If a V6 has been installed you need to know which one as the chevy engines have very different firing orders.

Did the 1968 Chevy El Camino ss come with power windows?


Does a 1968 Chevy use HEI ignition?

It can, but didn't come that way from the factory.

Where are the heater hoses on a Chevy Venture 1997?

Not a fun job to do... They come from the heater core located on the passenger side of the firewall. becasue it's a Chevy Venture/Olds Silhouette/Pontiac Montana... this job is not easy.

How to install a rear window in a 1963 Chevy Nova?

you call the glass company to come out and do it as it's not a job for the normal person to do.

How do you remove and replace the heater core on a 1979 Chevy Corvette?

Begin by removing the water supply hoses to your heater core. Remove the heater core retaining bolts. The heater core will come out. Reverse the process to install the new heater core.

Did the 1969 Chevy C 10 pickup come with a big block motor?

There was a 396 available in all Chevy trucks from 1968 - 1970.

What would cause a burning rubber smell to come from the vents of your 91 Chevy Cavalier?

Bad heater core.

Why wont the heater fan come on and the fuses are ok on my 1995 Chevy siverado.?

fan motor could be bad

Did the 1998 Chevy K2500 diesel come with a engine block heater and where is the plug?

Engine block heaters were optional.

Did the 1969 Chevy C10 come out with a stock 327 engine?

The last year for the 327 in a C10 was 1968.

Where is Chevy Venture 2002 block heater?

it does not come with a block heater unless installed by a mechanic. if so, it will be in the engine block under the exhaust manifold. can see it from under the van

From what language comes the word vamos?

Spanish. That's why the Chevy Nova had poor sales results in Spanish-speaking countries: "NOVA" means "no go"."Vamos" CAN mean come on, let's go, or jumpin.

Did a 1968 Chevy c10 come with a 350?

yes it did, i have a 68 small-block 350 2 barrel carburetor

How do you replace a heater AC actuator on a 1997 Chevy S-10?

Unfortunately the entire dash must come out to replace that unit.

What year is your 350 with serial number Tii 04HN?

I'm working on my 1963 chevy nova..I have a 350 chevy with serial number TII 04HN. Want to know what year and make did this come from? Betty

Where is the heater control valve located on a 2000 Chevy blazer?

The heater control valve (temp blend door) is located behind the dash assembly. The dash assembly has to come out to gain access to it.

Where did the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever come from?

Nova Scotia, Canada

When did Chevy vortec engines come out?

when did Chevy vortec come out

Central heater will not come on?

My central heater will not come on while the pilot is lit,The heat does not kick on.

Why would steam come out of the heater if heater core is good?

no.....the heater would have to be leaking