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How does the ignition cylinder come out on your 91 Buick century?


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Remove the ignition cylinder retaining ring. Poll the ignition cylinder out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition cylinder.


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Why is my security light on and will not let my key come out of the ignition. 1999 buick regal

this is caused by ignition lock cylinder failure, you will have to replace the ignition lock cylinder and key.

the steering wheel will lock and the key will come out, unless of course the ignition cylinder is broken

The spark plug gap setting on a 1994 Buick Century is .055 inches. A new spark plug will come preset from the factory and should not need adjusting.

I'm wondering if a locksmith is capable of rotating the ignition lock cylinder to the on/run position so the release can be depressed to remove the ignition lock cylinder, or if a locksmith can make an ignition key for the existing cylinder ? I'm also wondering what it would cost. I was charged $30.00 and taxes to come to my house and unlock my doorknob lock this year. Something to check out.

my headlights wont come on at night i changed the sensor and still not coming on

Remove the switch by boring out the rivets holding it in place. The cylinder will come out easily once you get the lock free from its casing.

most cylinder misses are caused by a bad ignition wire if they are 5yrs or 60,000 old they should have been changed,same with spark plugs, other problems with buick ignition system is they have 1 coil that feeds two cylinders they are known to fail also. sometimes one cylinder fails and some fail on both cylinders.if you have a constant miss try changing coil after cetrifiying plug and wires are good. the ignition modules are known to fail by not giving spark signal to coils.you can put new wires and plugs if miss is still there change the cyl with # 3 on it they come cheap now. I you need module that can run you about 250..

Will any light come on when it's messing up? If not, you might have a problem with the ignition lock cylinder (where the key goes) or the ignition switch (the electrical part inside the steering wheel). Good Luck!!

Buick made ABS standard on all cars in 1992 i think, but don't hold me to that. :-D But I know for a fact that the 1999 Buick Century came with ABS standard. New to 1999 though was an optional traction control, and you can't have traction control without ABS.

You need to turn the ignition to the on or start position, and then push the retaining pin to remove the cylinder. If you can not turn it, then you can either drill it out, or call a locksmith to come asist you.

The low traction light comes on in the 2003 Buick Century if the road is icy or if the road is wet. This is a warning light to let the driver know to slow down. If the light is coming on for no reason, the tires might be the problem. Bald tires can cause this light to come on.

Four reasons come to mind. Your key is too worn out to work anymore. It's the wrong key. If you have a locking steering wheel, it could be jamming the ignition cylinder... try turning the steering wheel left and right, while turning the key. Or you just need a new ignition lock cylinder.

The most common cause for this happening, is the retainer cap has come loose. On these types of ignitions, there are tumblers in the cylinder. On top of these tumblers are springs. Holding all in place is a metal retainer cap which is staked in place. when the stakes are wrongly placed, not deep enough, etc., the cap will come loose. when you insert your proper key, it allows the cylinder to turn to a spot in the housing that is larger than the cylinder. Once at this spot, the cap pushes away from the cylinder and locks it into place. Once this happens, it is best to call a reputable, licensed locksmith to replace the ignition cylinder.

First, the best thing to do is go over to the parts store and pick up an ignition lock cylinder WITH KEYS. Then take off all parts of the dash that cover up your cylinder. Then look at the new one find where the little button is to push. Put the keys in the ignition, turn it to the on position (battery disconnected), push the pin in and it will come right out by pulling on the key

Replace the ignition cylinder wich should come with a new key and it will fix the problem.

there is a pin in the backside of the lock cylinder push it in and pry slightly on the bottom of the cylinder and pull it out , it will come out a little stiff because there is a piece of rubber on the side.

If the key will turn in the ignition cylinder, the only other fault the key can have is a missing or damaged resistor. The resistor is in the middle of the key and looks like a small black oval. The resistor has one of 16 specific values and is "read" by the Pass-key module. If you have a vehicle with 30K or more on the odometer that won't start, and everything else is good, (battery, starter etc…), the most likely problem is the two little wires that connect the Pass-key module to the ignition cylinder. These wires have to flex each time the cylinder is turned and eventually break at the ignition cylinder. The only reliable repair is to replace the ignition lock cylinder and key. New Ignition lock cylinders do not come with real ignition keys, only a temporary key to identify the cuts. If the cylinder is changed you have to purchase a new key separately to match the old key resistor and then cut to match the new lock cylinder.


It may be the ignition switch. I would unlock the ignition and try to manually start it by touching the wires together. If it starts every time. Then it's the ignition switch. The reason i say this is because my sisters 99 Buick regal had the same problem. They bought a 300 dollar ECU that wasn't even coded to their cars system and then they come to find out that it was a simple ignition problem after they had checked online for people with similar issues. .

Try spraying a lube in the cylinder and then work the tilt back and forth plus turn the wheel back and forth and it should come out. You may have a worn lock cylinder that needs replacement.

Remove the 2 screws holding the plastic housing around the steering wheel. Remove the top part of the housing; pull down the bottom part as it does NOT come off. Set your ignition to the RUN position. Push in the tab on the underside of the lock cylinder and pull out the old cylinder. Get your new cylinder & set it to the RUN position (or at least out of the LOCK position). Slide your new cylinder in the way the old one came out. Make sure it locks in correctly.

On my 96 it's held on by that one bolt in the middle of it. But it's seriously on there; will not come loose without some muscle.

Remove upper and lower shroud (3Screws). With key in ignition and in the on position look for a ball detent and press it in with a small Philips head screw driver while pulling on the key. The entire cylinder lock will then come out.

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