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Each of the four wheels ran on an independent electric motor powered by the main batteries onboard the rover.

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Q: How does the lunar rover run?
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Why was the Lunar rover created?

The lunar rover was made to help astronouts travel across the moon it was called lunar rover because lunar means moon that's why it travels across the moon

How would you describe the lunar rover?

The Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) or lunar rover was a type of surface exploration rover used on the Moon during the Apollo program

Why was the Lunar Rover taken to the moon?

The Lunar Rover was used by the astronauts to increase the range of their exploration.

What are the parts of a lunar rover?

There are hundreds of parts to a lunar rover .. . too many to list here.

How did they get the moon lunar rover to the moon before the men landed?

The lunar rover was "strapped" to the outside of the lunar module and unloaded by the astronauts shortly after landing.

Can you drive a lunar rover in Animal Crossing City Folk?

You cannot drive the Lunar Rover in Animal Crossing City Folk. The Lunar Rover is just a piece of furniture, meant for show, and cannot be driven.

Who invented moon rover?

Edwuado San Juan ''INVENTED'' the moon rover or the lunar rover

What is the Apollo lunar rover?

The lunar rover was a vehicle that was used for Apollo 15, 16. and 17. They were used to transport the astronauts across the lunar surface. They remain on the moon today.

Are the Mars lunar rover the same as the Mars exploration rover?

No they are different rovers.

In which Apollo mission did the US first explore the Moon using the lunar rover?

The lunar rover was first used on the Apollo mission 15.

What is a lunar rover made of?

Mostly metals.

Does a lunar rover has a seat?

Yes, two of them.

Who is the inventor of the lunar rover?

One of the inventor of the Lunar Rover is the Filipino Scientist which is "Eduardo San Juan". -He is a Mechanical Engineer, Eduardo San Juan worked on a team that invented the "Lunar Rover or Moon Buggy"- -He is considered as the primary designer of the Moon Buggy.-

When was the first us rover used?

The first Lunar Rover was used on Apollo 15

How did they return the lunar rover back to Earth?

The lunar rover was never returned to still sits on the Moon today and probably will for many years to come.

Which Apollo missions to the moon utilized a lunar rover?

The lunar rover was used in Apollo 15, 16, and 17. Apollo 14 used a moon buggy.

What kind of motor did the lunar rover have?

Each wheel of the rover had its own independent electrical motor.

What is the average weight for the Lunar Rover?

The Lunar Roving Vehicle weighed 463lb (210 kg).

What do you call the spacecraft which carried the men on the moon?

Lunar Roving Vehicle (LRV) or lunar rover.

Did neil Armstrong drive the lunar rover?


What was the name of the vehicle that drove on the moon?

The Lunar Rover.

Is the Mars lunar rover still on Mars?


How heavy is a lunar rover vehicle?

its light as a feather

What is another name for moon buggy?

Lunar Rover

What is the future of the lunar rover?

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