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How does the mls draft work?

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January 24, 2012 11:09PM

The draft is found in pretty much every professional American

sports league. The way it works is based upon the teams performance

and standing in the previous season.

Therefore, teams get seeded with the worst performing team

getting the highest pick, and the best performing teams are usually

found more towards the bottom.

In the NBA however, the teams that don't make the playoffs have

a weighted chance of getting the number one pick, but that's not

how the MLS works.

Teams then draft in rounds, starting with the #1 pick and then

so on. So in the MLS last year, Toronto gets the #1 pick because

they're completely brand new and Houston probably got the last pick

of each round because they ended up champions. The remaining teams

draft in whatever order their point total fell in (i.e. the Galaxy

owned usually the #5 slot, I think)

Draft picks can be traded though for other players and

allocations. So for the Galaxy, you would have noticed that their

first round pick (#5 over all) was traded to New England for a

player allocation (part of the deal that sent Rick Dempsey to New

England) and New England chose someone in that slot instead.

Hope that helps, I'm sure many more will chime in and tell you


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