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A person cannot force a parent to relinquish his or her rights to their minor children, only a court can permanently terminate parental rights. A biological parent can file a petition for the Voluntary Termination of Parental Rights in state court in the city or county where they live. The judge decides if the petition should be granted based upon what is best for the child or children that are involved. Another option to consider, go to the State Welfare office and ask to have his alimony and/or child support paid directly to them and have THEM issue the check. Men tend to be a little more punctual when they know the State is looking over their shoulder.

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Q: How does the mother get a biological father to relinquish his parental rights to his children?
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How can a father cancel child support?

A father cannot be relieved of his financial obligations to his minor child/children unless... The father is allowed to relinquish his parental rights to enable the child/children to be legally adopted. A paternity test proves he is not the biological father.

How can you get a father to relinquish his parental rights without having to hire an attorney?

Unless the biological father is willing to voluntarily relinquish his rights to his child or children he cannot be forced to do so. The mother would have to file a lawsuit in the appropriate court to have the father's parental rights terminated. Be advised, the court will not terminate the rights of any parent who does not voluntarily submit to the action or who cannot be proven to be have committed a serious offense (physical abuse, endangerment, etc.) against his or her child/children.

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He can ask the court to do so, yes.

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You can try, but has to be court approved.

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