How does the move over law in Virginia work?

I have court soon for "Failure to Yield to Stationary Emergency Vehicle". I have read the Virginia law section 46.2-921.1

I was mainly wondering what constitutes a 4 lane highway as stated in that section. "on a highway having at least four lanes, at least two of which are intended for traffic proceeding as the approaching vehicle, proceed with caution and, if reasonable, with due regard for safety and traffic conditions, yield the right-of-way by making a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the stationary vehicle"

Let me first explain the road I was driving on was 3 lanes, a median, then three lanes in the opposite direction. Is this a 6 lane road? or a 3 lane? I would also like to know if a turning lane counts as the 4th lane, if the road is only 3 lanes.