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The movement of particles in a hard stick of butter are solid. Their not moving. While the movement of particles in a melted sick of butter are liquid. They are moving.

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What happens to the particles of a solid when it is heated and melted?

The particles "Move" faster. i.e. when you melt butter, the "butter particles" which were originally moving slowly, have been sped up which causes it to lose its form and liquidate.

What is butter when melted?

The way your question is worded i would have to say erm... Melted Butter! If you wanted it like atomically or something to do with atoms or particles then i suggest rephrasing the question! Not to be picky or rude or poke fun, it is ust a suggestion.

Can butter change matter?

Butter can be melted.

What is melted butter?

When you put butter over a hot pad, it becomes melted as in it became so hot that it could not stand it and it melted

What statement describes the movement of the particles as the solid candle melts to a liquid?

The candle wax melted with the application of heat, as this happened the wax particles ceased to have restricted movement and began to move freely.

Can you drown in butter?

if its melted then yes if its just butter then no

How many cups melted butter in one stick butter?

One stick of butter is one half cup, whether solid or melted.

Does melted butter float or sink?

Melted butter floats above the solid butter...another way to say that is that solid butter sinks. If you are talking about floating butter in water, solid and liquid butter both float.

Can oil be a subsitute for butter?

Yes, if the butter is supposed to be melted.

Methods of mixing butter and dough?

You can mix melted butter with dough using your hand. The best way to mis butter with your dough is to mix the butter with flour, whether melted or solid.

Does volume change with melting butter?

Yes, the volume of melted butter is less because the entrained air is released when melted.

What is 85grams of melted butter in mls or cups?

85 grams of melted butter is about one third of a standard cup measure.

What is best creamed or melted butter for cakes?

In most cake recipes, the butter is creamed and blended with the sugar. Melted butter has different mixing qualities and would change the consistency of the batter. Melted butter should not be used unless specifically called for in the recipe.

Why does butter need to be creamed and not melted when making a cookie?

The butter will melt, but having a creamed texture while mixing allows the cookie to have a fluffier texture than if it was made with melted butter. Melted butter would make a very soft, dense cookie.

Is half a cup of butter the same as half a cup of melted butte?

No because when butter melts, the amount of butter will decrease. There are more space between the molecules of the butter, so it becomes a liquid. The melted butter will be more.

When you use butter as a substitute for vegetable oil do you melt it?

Well, it depends on what you are making. Some require the butter to be melted and some just require the butter to be softened but not melted.

What is the white in melted butter?

Its the fat in the butter rising to the top when the butter is melted, when I bake i scoop the fat from the top just to make my cake a little less fatty. :)

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