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How does the reality of life in the 1950s compare with how it was portrayed on television?

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The 1950's No Better Than TodayI lived in the 1950's "Leave it to Beaver," "Ozzie and Harriet" Was NOT the typical Home. The unskilled Laborer worked for 75 cents and hour. Those in the lower half of society were not paid enough to cover the costs of rent,food, utilities, all at the same time-Its alot like today 2006. Their was talking to your neighbor but the Mythical Community, fell way short of what was portrayed on TV programs. It was still fighting for survivial, dog eat dog.

It is possible that the upper classes had a lifestyle close to 1950's TV programs. but not the bottom half who worried about enough food to eat.

The early 1950's had the same SILENCE of reality, as is kept on those living the nighmare of poverty today. The status quo-Is "do not make people aware of the circumstances of those we underpay, the working poor.

Children died due to polio, and not enough to eat. Until Martin Luther King Jr. No one knew this.


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