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Q: How does the redshift contribute to the big bang?
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Is the red-shift responsible for the big bang theory?

No, it's the other way round. The Big Bang is responsible for the redshift.

What is one source of edvidence for the big bang?

The redshift of distant galaxies.

Would the big bang theory help explain the shift?

I presume the question refers to the "redshift" of distant galaxies. Actually it is the other way around - i.e. the Doppler redshift helps to support and explain the Big Bang Theory. This "redshift" is called the "cosmological redshift". Strictly speaking, it's not the Doppler effect.

How might the redshift indicate there is evidence for the big bang theory?

The red shift doesn't just indicate that there is evidence for the Big Bang theory: the Hubble red shift is evidence supporting the Big Bang theory.

How do cosmic background radiation the chemical composition of the universe redshift of light and movement of galaxies support the theory of the Big Bang?

Redshift: The only reasonable explanation for the redshift is that most galaxies are moving away from us.As for the cosmic background radiation and the chemical composition, both of these closely match what is expected from the models about the Big Bang.

What is the evidance for the big bang?

The expansion of the Universe, as can be seen by the redshift of distant galaxies; also, the cosmic background radiation. Read the Wikipedia article on "Big Bang" for more details.

What shift did hubble see that supported the big bang theory?

Redshift; the generally accepted explanation for the redshift of distant galaxies is that it is cosmological redshift, caused by the expansion of the Universe. This is somewhat related to the idea of the Doppler effect.

Did Edwin Hubble's discovery change the the Big Bang theory?

The Big Bang theory proposes that the Universe was very small, dense and hot in at some point in the past and that it has been expanding ever since. Hubble's observation that the Universe is in fact expanding agrees with the Big Bang theory.

Why was the big bang theory?

The Big Bang theory was set up to explain observations - for example, the redshift of distant galaxies, which is usually interpreted to mean that the galaxies move away from us.

What is some evidence of the big bang?

The main evidence for the Big Bang Theory is the Red Shift. Basically, the wavelength of the light is stretched, so the light is seen as 'shifted' towards the red part of the spectrum. This proves that an object is moving away. When astronomers looks at the electromagnetic spectrum in the stars, they see a red shift. Many take this as proof of the Big Bang Theory because it shows that the stars and planets are still moving away from each other, spreading out as they have been since the Big Bang itself. Answer2: The redshift is not evidence of the Big Bang. The redshift is indicator of the "Dark Energy", cmV = cP, the Momentum energy and the centrifugal force, cDel.P = cp/r cos(P) where cos(P) = v/c = z the redshift..

What two discoveriessupported the big bang theory?

Supporting evidence includes:* Redshift of distant galaxies, usually interpreted to be due to the expansion of the Universe. * The cosmic microwave background radiation closely agrees with what is expected from the Big Bang theory. * The distribution of elements (and isotopes) in the Universe closely agrees with what is expected from the Big Bang theory.

How does the red shift and the big bang theory connect?

According to modern cosmology, every point in space should see every other point (on a large scale so point=galaxy) moving away from it as a result of the big bang, and redshift is when light is shifted toward the red end of the spectrum(Captain Obvious reporting for duty!) because the source is rapidly moving away. So redshift of galaxies is an indication of them moving away from us, as predicted by the big bang.