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it digests the food

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Q: How does the stomach mechanically break down food?
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What are the regions that break down foodstuffs mechanically?

The mouth and stomach digest food mechanically.

What organ mechanically mixes food?

The Stomach uses muscle force and acid to break down food.

Where in your digestive system is food broken down mechanically?

In the stomach

Region that breaks down food mechanically?

The mouth is where food is chewed.

How the stomach works in the digestive system?

The stomach mechanically/chemically breaks down food. It adds acid and mixes it into the food.

Where does the stomach digest food mechanically?

The stomach churns the food into smaller pieces then gastric juices are released to break down any bugs or any other bad things , also gastric juices keep the nutrition in the food.

Do you break food down into your stomach or your esophagus?


What happens in the stomach during the digestion of a ham sandwich that you ate for lunch?

The Ham Sandwich is broken down both chemically and mechanically because the stomach produces gastric acid that breaks it down. Also, the stomach squeezes the food to help it break it down which is mechanical digestion.

Which two organs help break down food mechanically?

The stomach and mouth are two organs that provide mechanical breakdown of food. Bile in the small intestine also performs physical digestion.

What antibodies help the stomach to break down food?

Antibodies are not used to break down food.

What bile to help your stomach break down food?


Does gum break down in your stomach?

Yes, gum will break down in the stomach, just like any food you consume.