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What energy is transferred when molecules bump into one another?

The energy that is transferred when molecules bump into each other is called conduction. Conduction is the transfer of heat energy between substances that are in direct contact with each other.

What are materials that transfer energy?

Electrical energy is transferred through electrical conductors.Thermal (heat) energy is transferred through all materials by either thermal conduction, convection heat transfer or radiative heat transfer.Optical energy (light or electromagnetic energy) is transferred through any transparent medium or through a vacuum.Sound energy is transferred through solids, liquids and gasses.Every material transfers energy and with the exception of electrical insulators, most transfer most kinds of energy, some do it more effectively than other.So, there is no really useful answer to this question.

Is thermal energy transferred without transfer of matter?

There are three ways to transfer heat energy (thermal energy); convection involves transferring matter, the other two methods (conduction, radiation) don't.

How does energy transfer affect the particles of matter?

energy transfer allows things to heat each other and to allow motion because if particles did not interact with each other (energy transfer) each atom would be able to pass through other atoms

How does energy transfer with the sound wave?

The transfer of energy in sound wave is by the atoms of that medium. When mechanical energy is given by our mouth in the atoms near the mouth, the atoms gain the mechanical energy and convert it into kinetic energy and begin to move within their mean positions and while moving they hit each other and the energy is is transferred to the other electron and this process continues until due to some factors the energy is transferred and heard by an observer at the other end. Sound waves require a material medium for their transmission. The transfer of energy in sound will not occur in a vacuum.

Could you explain the transfer of energy?

Transfer of energy is explained by 1st law of thermodynamics. According to first law of thermodynamics , energy can be transferred or transformed form one form or the other but the total quanta of energy remains constant. The total energy in the universe is constant.

What is the difference between conduction and radiation?

radiation-energy transferred by waves or rays conduction-transfer of energy that occurs when molecules bump into each other (direct contact)

How does the thermal energy of the cookies transferred to the counter?

Conduction is the term used to describe the transfer of heat energy from one body to another body when they are in contact with each other.

What is transferred from organism to organism in a food chain?

energy is transferred from on animal to the other animal. Because energy can't be destroyed only transferred

What is energy that is transferred to other forms of energy?

Most types of energy can be converted to other types of energy.

Is the work or energy required to produce one watt?

A watt is a unit of power - how fast energy is transferred, or in other words, how fast work is done. "Work" can simply be understood as a transfer of certain types of energy.

Energy is transferred for ATP to other molecules by transferring what?

Energy is transferred for ATP to other molecules by transferring the phosphate group. The ATP is then reduced to ADP, releasing energy in the process.

How Energy is transferred and how?

Energy can be transferred in many different ways; for instance, heat energy can be transferred by conduction, convection and radiation; energy can be transferred by electrical energy, or by sound, light, or by several other waves; a moving object (which has all sorts of types of energy) will change its position; etc.

Is heat transfer convection why or why not?

Heat transfer is accomplished often on earth and other planets and the stars by convection, but there are other ways of heat transfer. Heat is transferred by radiation as the sun to earth, and sensible heat is transferred by conduction, simply being in contact.

Why does heat transfers from high temperature to low temperature body?

This is due to statistics. It is quite possible for a low-energy particle (atom or molecule) to transfer energy to a high-energy particle, but on average, more energy will be transferred the other way.

When animals eat other animals what being transferred?

Energy is being transferred when animals eat other animals...

How does mass affect an object during frictgion?

When the friction occurs electrons transfer from one body to another . The body which gains the electrons becomes heavier in mass than the other . The mass transferred is given by , Total mass transferred = no. of electrons transferred * mass of each electron

The energy that is transferred to other forms of energy in a chemical reaction is called?

Chemical Energy

Transferred when animals eat other animals?


How is energy transferred from one organism to the other?

by the population

What are the 3 types of heat transfer?

the 3 types of heat transfer is conduction, convection, and radiation. conduction is when molecules transfer their heat to other molecules when they bump into each other. heat transfers through solids. metals are the best conductors. convection is when energy is transferred by the movement of energy from a hotter, less dense particle to a colder, denser particle. heat transfered through liquids and gases by circulating currents. these currents are called convection currents. radiation is when heat transferred through space. thermal energy is transferred in waves. heat radiation is also called infrared radiation. the sun sends its heat through radiation.

What is the Relationship between density and thermal energy?

Density determines how far apart molecules of a material are from one another, i.e. Density is the mass per unit of space. Due to this, density is related to the rate of heat transfer or thermal energy transfer. Thermal energy being transferred relies on the difference in the internal energy of molecules, mostly kinetic energy, as when heat is transferred, these molecules exchange energy by hitting into each other. By doing so, eventually thermal equilibrium is established. Summary - Density is related to the rate of heat transfer between two systems.

How is radiation different than other methods of energy transfer?

Radiation is the only method of energy transfer that can transfer energy like heat through space.

What is transfferd by electromagnetic waves?

Good question! Electromagnetic energy is transferred. Because wave is nothing but a passage of disturbance produced at one point to the other by wave propagation. As electric and magnetic variations lead to building up of other forms of energy we consider this as transfer of electromagnetic energy

What is the transfer of thermal energy by molecules bumping into each other?

The transfer of thermal energy by molecules bumping into each other is known as conduction. Thermal energy is energy that comes from heat.

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