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How does the water table rise?

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What comes first Flood or the rise of the water table?

A flood comes before the rise of the water table. The rise of the water table is a gradual rising of the areas that are actually under water all year round. A flood is a sudden rise in the water level.

What time of year does the water table rise?


What will happen to the stream if the water table rises?

The water in the stream will also rise.

How does the rainforest stop flood water?

the trees suck the water up so the water table doesn't rise

One factor that could account for a rise in the water table is what?

An increase in precipitation.

Why does a egg float in salt water then in regular water?

because the salt makes it rise up higher every table spoon that you put it goes up to 6 table spoons

Why are coffins placed above ground?

High water table levels in some areas cause wood coffins to rise. (wood floats on water)

What are the advantages of flooding?

The Advantages of Flooding are: -Formation of natural banks. -Formation of flood plains. -Rise in underground water table.

How do tides influence wetlands?

Tides cause the wetland to rise above and below the water table. Sources: I go to Magnet School :)

What is the structure of the water table?

Water, table

Where does a water table lake or pond get its water from?

a water table

Does hot water tend to rise or sink?


Explain the causes of water-logging and salinity?

Due to the inundation canal (non-cemented) water seeps thorough the ground and rises the water table thus result in the water logging.Secondly due to the mis use and poor farm management of farmers they use too much water and thus result in the rise in water table and causes water logging and salinity.

How Is The Water Table affected when water is taken out?

Since the water table is just a level of ground that holds water, much of the content of the water table is water. When the water is gone, the water table shrinks, and the land moves downwards.

How can water from a water table be drawn out?

pour it out from the table./

Where can people obtain groundwater by drilling a well A below the water table B above the water table C beside a water table?

above the water table

Why is water not found in periodic table?

The Periodic Table is a table of elements but water is a compound.

Why does Water table rise?

Rain and lake and river water settles through the soil and bed rock into large pockets that hold water underground. The slowly fill just like a swimming pool in your yard. But we end up pumping water out much faster than it can be replenished. If enough rain falls and soaks in the water table rises.

When the anchor is thrown into the water will the water level in the pool drop or rise?

The anchor displaces water and the water level will rise.

What is the definition of a water-table?

A water-table is the water system of two rivers traveling through various regions.

How does the water table form?

Water table is formed by the rain water.i.e.,when rain falls ,the rain water drains into the earth surface and this water forms the water table.

How does the water bottle industry effect the water table?

It lowers the water table, obviously.

How do you raise the water table of our well?

The best way would be to find a spot with very sandy soil so that water can percolate easily from the surface down into the aquifer. Then build a big pond over that spot. Keep the pond filled with water from rainwater or from a river or stream. As lots of water goes down into the aquifer from your pond, the water table in your well should rise.

What is displacement of water?

Displacement of water refers to placing an object into a sample of water, which will cause the water level to rise. The rise in water level is the displacement.

How does water enter the water table?

the ground water seeps through the ground strata into the subterranean water table