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Blown head gasket or cracked head.

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Q: How does water get into engine oil marine?
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Water in oil of marine engine?

Most likely head gaskets or cracked water jacket.

Shell Melina S30 marine engine oil color?

Shell Melina S30 marine engine oil color

What color is marine engine oil?

I believe it is of the same color as land engine oil

What oil for honda 4 stroke turbo aquatrax?

You must use a special marine oil of 10-40 W or 5-40 W. Normal car and land engine oil does not displace water. Marine oils can be purchased from many large engine oil producers, and there are also companies that specialize in marine oils.

Could marine SAE30 engine oil be re blended for 20w40 engine oil?

Mixing oil weights is a NO,NO.

Marine main engine lub oil sump?

The marine main engine lube oil sump is critical to keep the engine running. If the pump gets clogged or fails, then the engine will seize and be ruined.

Water in the oil of a Chevy 350 marine engine means what?

intake manifold gasket,head gasket,cracked head,cracked block. was it overheated? was cold water added to hot engine?

What is the effects of the oil spill?

oil spill is very dangerous for marine life as it kills the marine animals and pollute the water .

Do you have to drain the engine oil before removing a water pump?

From The Information You Have Asked. You Have An Engine. There Is No Engine That I Know Of Where The Oil And Water Run Together. So The Answer Is NO. You May Want To Change Your oil After You Get The Engine Back Together And Running. But No You Do Not Need To Drain The Oil Out To Change The Water Pump.

Before starting any diesel or gasoline marine engine what must be checked first?

the oil

What are the signs of water in engine oil?

oil is milkey white or foamey

Your engine has water in oil?

Water in the oil is a telltale sign of leaking cylinder head gasket.

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