Water Pollution

How does water pollution effect the ecosystem?

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The effect of pollution on an ecosystem is negative. This is because organisms are killed and mutated by pollution in an ecosystem.

Pollution disturb the ecosystem by Garbage, Garbage causes pollution of land and water. Polluted waters can kill water plants and animals :)

the pollution effect the land,water,air and nois

littering can effect the air pollution and not cleaning the water can effect the pollution (air) i hope i answered it not much can effect it

It affects the ecosystem because , that will cause pollution.

Water pollution has a very detrimental effect on life. Water pollution makes unsafe drinking water and kills thousands of fish and other marine life.

You can die from water pollution. ~Rebecca M

Humans are the cause of many ecosystem disruptions. Some of these disruptions include deforestation, air pollution, land pollution, water pollution, and the extinction of organisms.

The basic concept of water pollution is that if the water resources we have now become polluted this can lead to damage of the soil ecosystem which will eventually lead to drinking water pollution.

ecosystem badly affected by industrialization like, harmful chemicals causes air pollution as well as water pollution its also cause earth pollution. destroys habitats.

The effect of tourism in an environment is that is can cause pollution which can cause organisms to die. This can disrupt the whole ecosystem.

Pollution can damage an ecosystem. Pollution can cause plants and other organisms to die, which will affect the circle of life in a particular ecosystem.

Pollution refers to the addition of the contaminants to the ecosystem that causes adverse change and destruction to the environment. There are various types of pollution namely the air pollution, water pollution and the land pollution.

There is a world of information on the Internet about water pollution and how it has a negative effect on wildlife. If I had to write an essay on water pollution, that is what I would focus on.

The trash Pollutes The Water And Water Pollution Affects The Animal In It.( ;

causes all sorts of pollution which could leach into water that could harm WILDLIF does this freakin' help? rawr! -pewds

One cause of water pollution is dumping of garbage. One effect of this dumping of garbage is the death of many fish.

Pollution affects the ecosystem in a adverse manner. Pollution will affect the organisms and cause harm to them which makes it hard for them to interact and form an ecosystem.

Illegal Logging Pollution in air water and land

Water pollution is an impairment for useful activities like: * sanitation * drinking * fishing * aquaculture * irrigation * ecosystem maintenance * aesthetic * sports

air and water can effect the ecosystem: WATER: when we use fertilsers and other chemicals to grow the better crops and when the rain comes,the rain water mixed with chemicals fall into the water and when we drink that water we become ill. AIR: the chemicals from the industries,etcwhen get mixed in the air it causes the acid rain and it effect on ecosystem.

The effects of man are: These are the bad things: -Deforestation -Leaching of soil -Water Pollution -Air Pollution -Increasing the process of the carbon cycle -Extinction of many species -Habitat loss -Pesticides -and many more These are the good things: -

if you pollute water then you won't have any water to drink because it is polluted and if you drink it, it will kill you. That is how pollution effects drinking water.

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