Salt (Sodium Chloride)

How does your body get salt?

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From the added sodium chloride in foods.

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Salt is absorbed into the body via the liver.

Salt can have many effects on your body. An over abundance of salt can cause build up of fluids in your body and thin out your blood.

Salt is good for humans because our body uses it for many functions and the salt is absorbed into our body

The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of salt water.

Salt is both good and bad for your body. It keeps the body healthy if it has Iodine content. Salt is a source of a mineral which is very much needed by the body. It makes a body fit, healthy and increases the memory and functioning of the brain. Too much salt is bad for your body. It can dehydrate your body and increase blood pressure. It is recommended to consume only half a spoon of salt everyday. Salt stores a lot of fluids in the body which makes you gain weight.

Too much salt raises the bodys blood pressure, however if no salt is in the body then cramps can occur.

Well, just eat less salt. Your body uses up salt.

by sweating and excreting, but sweating is most common for SALT. the glands take out the extra water and salt of your body.

Yes, because salt helps your body retain water.

i think salt causes the body to decrease urine.

sodium is salt and salt does not hurt your body. You might get sick if you have alot.

its burns salt from your body

It is a water solution of salt.

the storehouse of salt in the human body is

that's what type of salt your body is used to. even though our body makes our own salt we still need salt to perserve whats in our bodies:)

The salt used to embalm a body during the process of mummification is called Natron.

The salt is in the sweat. When the water evaporates it leave behind the salt.

3.4% which is the same as the percentage of salt in the ocean

Salt from your diet is absorbed by the intestinal tract

salt --------------------- This depends on the daily intake.

Because the body naturally wants more salt because salt can store the water in your body.

Our body needs salt because it tranfers info into our nerves and muscles.

A 'vast' body of salt water is an ocean, which is much larger than a sea.