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When you smoke, a cigarette closes up to 25% of your arteries (meaning circumference and not just selective arteries stop...). That prevents red blood cells from transferring oxygen to the parts of your body at the pace your body demands. It makes your heart beat faster and you lungs breath in more air, straining them more than necessary.

18mg of tar is in every cigarette, so smoking a pack of twenty places about 360 mgs of tar into your lungs. multiply that by 365 for a pack a day smoker and you have way to much in your body. Tar is used on the road... it sticks to everything and then it hardens, limiting intake of air, and the amount of air passing through. Plus, your body tries to protect itself, so instead of using the air in a helpful manner, you're choked half the time trying to cough up the tar and other toxins.

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Q: How dos not smoking helps your respiratory system?
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