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What is rice?

A cereal grass (Oryza sativa) that is cultivated extensively inwarm climates for its edible grain. it also comes from the plantwhet I think.Rice is a swamp grass that is cultivated and used as a source offood.

Why can't walk on rice paper?

It's thin and brittle, similar to a glass. That's why it's used as a partition (portable walls) inside a house. You couldn't walk on 1/16 inch thick glass either!

What do you call the metal faseners that hold multiple pages of paper or fabric or anything as samples They look similar to brads but are bigger and more durable They have a head on both sides?

It sounds like what you are referring to are called "Post Screws" or "Chicago Screws". You can buy them in varying lengths and are commonly used to hold post bound albums together. They have a head on both sides. You can also buy them at your local hardware store. There they would be referred to ( Full Answer )

What makes a paper towel durable?

The durability of paper tower lies in the wood fiber component thatit is made up of. Resin along with wood pulp also adds to thestrength of paper towel.

What is in rice?

Rice is basically a poof of water. But the sugar content is high. Well, compared to how much it entirely is. Each grain contains alot of sugar, but the rie is very small, so the sugar is very tiny amount. Just dont eat to much of it.

What are durable goods?

Durable goods are goods that are made to last a long time. Examplesof durable goods are jewelry, cars, and electronics.

Is metal durable?

yes as long as you dont put it near very hot stuff. There is good chance it wont be durable then

What can you have with rice?

One can eat basically anything with rice, from beans, chicken or a simple broth. The basics are basically meats (including fish) and veggies. Some individuals also eat rice plain. Spices or other types of seasoning can add extra flavoring.

What is the definition of durable?

durable - long-lasting Sturdy, long lasting, tough. Existing for a long time. dourable is spelled durable and it means: Able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.

Is it legal for a spouse who served divorce papers to her spouse to them use a durable power of attorney in the name of the spouse being divorced?

It is legal, however any descision made with the PoA can and (unless benificial to the divorced spouse) probably will be overturned by the courts during the process of divorce. If the spouse has gotten a legal withdraw if the PoA then no, it is not legal. Any debts accrued do to use of the PoA durin ( Full Answer )

What is rice paper made from?

Rice paper is a thin paper made from the straw of rice. IT can alsorefer to paper made from the pith of certain plants cut and pressedinto thin sheets.

What is the most durable paper towel?

If you're all about looks, Viva. If you want a truly strong towel that can be rinsed while you are cleaning and soak up anything, look for the blue rolls of paper towels in the automotive department. I won't use anything else for everyday cleaning or spills.

Is rice paper biodegradable?

Yes, it is. Any paper is biodegradable as it it made out of organic material like wood pulp and fibre. Rice paper is also edible, and everything edible is biodegradable.

What can you do with rice?

There are many recipes that can be prepared with Rice. Here are some suggestions that can be prepared with Rice. 1. Aamchoor Rice 2. Chitrannam (South Indian Special) 3. Thalimpu Rice (Andhra Special) 4. Jeera Rice 5. Instant Groundnut Rice To know the procedure to male these recipes, have a look ( Full Answer )

What do rice paper butterflies eat?

Well, butterflies normally eat nectar from flowers, so we can assume that they drink the nectar from flowers.

What does rice do?

Rice is a healthy grain and rice will maky you smarter go on freerice (will help you be smarter too!)

Is rice paper made out of rice?

No . Rice Paper A common misnomer applied to lightweight Oriental papers. Rice alone cannot produce a sheet of paper. Rice or wheat straw is used occasionally mixed with other fibers in paper making. The name may be derived from the rice size (starch) once used in Japanese papermaking .

How do you make a feather wedding cake with rice paper?

Hi. I have seen it done with rice paper (available in most cake decorating shops). Cut the rice paper into feather shapes. It is fairly simple really if you have done cake decorating before. Have a look at the website for cakes4fun and the dragons and daffodils website for inspiration. Hope this he ( Full Answer )

Can you eat rice paper?

There is a thin paper made from rice flour that is used in cooking as a baking sheet. This is edible. There are other papers called rice paper, not made from rice. These may not be edible.

Where do you get rice from?

Rice is a type of grass which has been cultivated and improved in yield by man over many thousands of years. Seedlings are hand planted in flooded fields called paddy's. The rice growws in the fertile mud and the field is maintained at knee depth until it bears a seed head. Water is then drained fro ( Full Answer )

Does rice paper go bad?

Nope, had some literally 5 years old that was lost in my cupboard made some last week, tasted fine (worth noting the package was not open) Not sure if the same applies to non-open rice paper.

Is glass durable?

Glass is quite durable and is designed for many years of use. It'smajor weakness is its weakness to impacts which cause shattering.

What are durable crops?

Durable crops are those which are able survive harsh conditionslike excessive heat, lack of rainfall, or poor soil conditions.They require minimal maintenance, while producing medium to largeyields.

How much rice is in rice paper?

Rice is located within the rice paper. -Riceologist and Head of Rice Studies at the University of California

Does rice paper dissolve in water?

NO Yes, rice paper will dissolve in water. If you do a quick googlesearch you will see many people saying it will and some saying ifyou get it wet, it dissolves. Previous person who answered isincorrect.

What is a Sliding door made of rice paper called?

It is called a Shōji. A shōji is a door, window or roomdivider consisting of translucent paper over a frame of wood whichholds together a lattice of wood or bamboo . While washi is the traditional paper, shōji may be made of paper made by modern manufacturing processes;plastic i ( Full Answer )

What salt is durable?

All types of sodium chloride are durable if they are maintained in tightly closed containers.

How durable is the Wii?

I have one for 2 years now and it still looks new. Its very durable.

Is iron durable?

pure iron rusts too rapidly and crumbles, however many iron alloyscan be very durable. Iron is a pretty cool element, though, still.

Where to buy kosher rice paper?

There is such a thing as kosher rice paper. You should try a local food store that specialises in selling kosher food.

What is durable and non durable goods?

A durable good is one that usually lasts over many uses. Ex. appliances, cars,mobile phones. A nondurable good is an item consumed in one or few uses. Ex. food products, fuel, paperback book Nondurable goods usually have to rely heavily on consumeradvertising.

Is a coin durable?

Yes. They were designed to be durable as coins are constantly being handled by human hands and rub against other coins in our wallets, purses or pockets. Most coins today are made of Nickel and Nickel alloys. Nickel is a very durable metal.

What is the durability of the M16?

while the m16 has held out quite well in the deserts of iraq and the jungles of vietnam it does have some issues, for one, the stock is made out of plastic, which means that if you hit it to hard on something you run the risk of breaking it, second the internal pieces are quite complex, and even a b ( Full Answer )

How durable are scion?

Very. I am hard on cars because I live in the desert off a dirt road. My Xb handles it like a champ. The only problem I ever have is replacing broken skirting.

Is rice paper really rice?

There are some kinds of rice paper that are really made from rice straw and rice flour. There are other products that are called rice paper that are made from other plants.

A sentence with durable?

It rained hard during the storm, but the durable birdhouse remained strong, and the birds were kept safe.

Are plastic playing cards more durable than paper cards?

Plastic playing cards are much more durable than paper cards. Paper cards will warp and stick together after much use due to the moisture on the player's hands or in the room. They might also become torn or ragged around the edges. Plastic playing cards do not have these problems because of the coat ( Full Answer )

Can you use gel pen to write on edible rice paper?

You can but you might not want to eat it afterwards. You can always buy edible food coloring markers at the store or online. You could look at Michels at Wilton cake decorating supplies and Edwards Cake and Candy Store is bound to have some. Good Luck!

Is PVC durable?

PVC pipes are strong and durable, yet flexible enough to bend without breaking, allowing them to endure earth movement.

What is durability in computers?

Durability in computers means how long it will last or is able to perform over time.. In reality a computer has its years numbered meaning that after it leaves the factory it wil b eonly good for a certain of years perhaps no more than five.. However ac omputer can be upgraded trough hardware and ( Full Answer )

What is the process to create rice paper?

The process of creating rice paper includes cutting the rice straw, soaking the straw, and adding a solution to it. The next step is to cook it and then pound it with a bat.

Why is a paper bag more durable then plastic bags?

Well with a plastic bag it's easier to break through like if you have a object in there with a sharp edge it could easily break through, with the paper bag its more durable in quality .

How is a diamond durable?

Diamond mineral is the hardest natural mineral on earth, which makes it the most durable of any mineral.

Are dvds durable?

There are widely varying qualities of DVDs. Also, how a DVD ishandled and stored has a major effect on how long they last. Eventhe best disks, handled and stored carefully may not last 50 years.