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You should start on Birth Control at least a few months before having sexual intercourse to be sure it has taken effect. See your gynecologist, and if you dont have one, get one.

I heard from a friend who started taking birth control that you need to take it about three months before you get married (or start having sex).

I would say a few month, except Depo-Provera. Depo-Provera works five minutes after you get the shot, so you're good to go. If you are getting married soon, you might want to consider using condoms for the first few weeks. Please ask your doctor if you are on the pill about how long you should wait. I was told to wait three weeks when I was on the pill.

I took the depo shot a few days after i got married, i didnt take any contraceptives in advance and used condoms for the first few days of my marriage. The depo worked great allright, 24 hours after i got the shot my doctor said i was good to go. If your wondering depo is a shot normally given every three months and is told to be 99% effective, during my 3 months i never took any extra precautions and i didnt get pregnant. Though it worked wonders, it also had its side effects, i had an increased appetite and gained at least 15 pounds and i lost my sexual drive. You really need to ask your doctor whats best for you, everyone's different. Also i have the pill now and was told it was safe after the first week of using it consistently, meaning everyday at the same time. Make sure if you use the pill to also use a condom with the pill within the first week or so to be on the safe side. So far so good.

Remember a pill is no good when not taken consistently and if you cant remember to do it everyday then your best bet is some other form of birth control.

I don't mean to offend, but it is fairly obvious none of the responding people have any medical sense. Combination pills, that is, birth control pills which have both estrogen and progestin analogues in them (i.e. Yasmin) are effective almost immediately. Combination pills when taken at ANY POINT in your menstrual cycle, are effective 7 days after starting them. If you take them within the first five days of your period, they are effective immediately. There is absolutely no reason to take the pill for months before having intercourse. More information can be found at:

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Q: How early should you begin taking birth control before you get married?
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Speak to your prescriber about this.

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before you decide to have sex Hello there - Start taking BCP on the advice of your doctor. But I started taking BCP the FIRST day of my period. This made my next period arrive regularaly and monthly.

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