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They use them as another version of the event. If they investigate the claim properly they will talk to the driver of each vehicle and any witnesses. Then they will look at what the police officer put in their report and take into consideration any violations that were issued by the police. Lastly the insurance company decides whether to accept liability or not for the damage.

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Q: How exactly do car insurance companies use accident reports?
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How can you see free car history?

There are many companies out there that will review accident reports and insurance claims for Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN's). You need to make sure to choose a reputable company that looks through all available records to obtain information on used cars. For example, accident reports, insurance reports, and other car databases are all helpful.

Who determines fault in auto accident?

Insurance companies determine fault by looking at police reports, taking statements from the parties involved and witnesses, and looking at the vehicles.

How are accident reports usually filed?

Accident reports are usually filed with the police. They will interview the person and fill in the accident report using those details. A separate report is filed with the insurance company.

Can you report an accident or claim after your insurance is cancelled even though you were insured at the time of accident?

Yes.. but make sure you have good documentation with dates on the accident reports.

How do insurance companies find out about speeding tickets?

Insurance companies request an MVR or Motor vehicle record from the state in which you live. This reports your previous violations to the company.

What companies offer free vehicle history reports for download?

A few companies offer vehicle history reports for a fee. These reports are supposed to tell the buyer whether or not the vehicle has been serviced for an accident. The reports have been found to be inaccurate. These reports are only available through a purchase and are never free.

Will insurance pay if you do not have a police report?

Police reports are not necessary, insurance companies can recreate the occurrence from the damage on the vehicle and determine who is at fault.

How long do you have after a car accident to report and file a claim with the at fault's persons insurance company with no police repo?

Don't understand the part of the question about the "police repo," however, contact the at-fault party's insurance company ASAP - and if you have insurance coverage, contact YOUR insurance company as well. Both companies will want to begin investigations, take pictures of the vehicles, get copies of police reports and medical reports (if any injury), etc, etc.

What companies sell car colission reports to consumers and insurance companies?

There is a company who supplies information to insurance companies called CLUE. This company gives insurance companies information on losses paid by all insurance companies and what type and amount of the claim was paid. CLUE also supplies companies with a variety of information. It gives information like people who had auto insurance at the same address as you have and people who were listed on insurance policies of you in the past like other household members or drivers.

Does Aon Insurance offer discounts and are they reliable?

I dont know much about Aon insurance from news reports they are a reliable insurance company. They do offer discount to other insurance companies,bankers and brokers.

Where can one find information on top rated insurance companies?

Insurance companies need to be properly vetted by the consumer and the best place to find info on the top rated ones, for starters, in definitely Consumer Reports.

What happens if you don't contact the police after an accident Can you still file an insurance claim?

Most insurance claims do not require police reports. Some states require it for hit and run claims.

Which credit insurance companies in Arizona offer discounts on interest rates?

Credit Insurance companies in Arizona that offer discounts on interest rates are Zurich. One can also compare the mortgage rates with Zillow and Consumer Reports.

Where can one read police accident reports?

One can find police accident reports on the official websites of the state. An example is the official website of New Jersey. One can read the police accident reports in .pdf form.

Are a companies stock reports accessible to the public?

Yes, some companies stock reports are accessible to the public. Stock reports are accessible from the public. Sometimes companies do not publish their stock reports for various reasons.

Can I purchase accident police reports in Hammond Indiana?

Accident reports are public records. The investigating agency can supply copies of the accident. Usually there is a small administrative fee. Be prepared with the date and location of the accident.

Can an insurance agency find out about a claim or accident even if there was no police involved or report on it when asked about your past accident history?

Yes, CLUE reports monitor anything paid by any insurance company regardless of a police report. Therefore, only if you reported the accident to the insurance company or they reported it. If you did not, and they did not, and there was no police report(for example you did some kind of direct negotiation or something) only then is there no way they are going to find out.

How to obtain accident reports from CHP?

where can i obtain an accident report from CHP?

What are the three companies that provide free credit reports?

The three companies that provide your free credit reports are Experian, Equifax, and Transunion. Usually you can find these companies and their reports on

How can I get safety reports from aviation insurance companies?

One of the best places to find reports regarding safety in commercial flying is online. A trip to your local airport would also benefit you in this quest.

Where can someone go to view club insurance reports?

You can view club insurance annual reports from the insurance company official websites. AXA Insurance Company for example posts annual reports under the Investor Relations portion of its website.

Where can one find ratings for companies selling life insurance?

One can find ratings for companies selling life insurance on consumer websites, including Consumer Reports, Smart Money and Insured Online. One can also find life insurance company ratings through RSS feed subscriptions.

Can the insurance company assign fault legally. When the two sides have the opposite person at fault and without a police report?

Yes, That's what an insurance adjusters job is, The adjusters usually assigned by both insurance companies involved, asses the situation, review all pertinent facts and then jointly make a determination of fault and/or degree of fault and ensuing liability. Police reports do not automatically determine fault. Police reports are typically made by an officer after the accident has occurred, rarely is the responding officer an actual witness to the accident. So although a police report is very helpful to the adjusters it is not the sole determining factor. If the insured parties disagree with the insurance companies decision they can always hire legal council and take the matter to court for a judicial or jury determination.

Does all insurance company's do vehicle history reports?

Most of them but not all of the insurance company's do vechicle history reports. ;D

What are some was a consumer make reports on a laptop?

There are many companies and websites that offer consumer reports on various laptops. Some of these companies that offer consumer reports are Consumer Reports and Notebook Review.

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