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How extensive was the Confederate effort to form a concentration for the Battle of Shiloh?

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June 22, 2017 5:55PM

With the approval of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Southern generals made an extensive effort to counter the losses it suffered by losing forts Henry and Donelson. Union General Henry Halleck fully understood this and therefore the orders to generals Grant and Buell to handle a large Confederate attack.Confederate General Albert S. Johnston relied on the capable General Beauregard to organize the concentration of troops aimed at destroying US Grant's army at Pittsburg Landing. Beauregard organized all the forces in the western department to strike Grant before Buell could reinforce Grant.

Beauregard called on General Van Dorn from Arkansas and General Polk from Columbus. Johnston himself moved westward via river and rail to Corinth, Mississippi. This would be the starting point for the move on Grant's army. Jefferson Davis added to the concentration by ordering 5,000 troops from New Orleans and 10,000 troops from Mobile, Alabama to join the strike force.