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90 miles from the tip of key west, to the Cuba

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Q: How far away is Cuba from the US?
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Why was the US so concerned that the Soviets were placing missiles in Cuba?

so Cuba can shoot them at us because Russia is to far away

How far away is Cuba away from Florida?

Roughly 1.5 miles

How far is US from Cuba?

Cuba is 94 miles from the Florida Keys.

How far is it from us to Cuba?

227.76 miles from Havana Cuba to Miami Florida

How far is the Cuba from the United States?

Cuba is 533 miles from Florida, the southernmost state of the US.

How far is the US from Cuba?

It is 90.5 miles from the tip of Key West, FL to Cuba

What us state is 90 miles away from Cuba?


Which event turned the US' attention away from war with Mexico?

fighting Cuba.

How far could the missiles go in the Cuban missile crisis?

The missiles could strike US cities from Cuba, which is less than 100 miles away.

How far away is California from Cuba?

Thousands of miles-Florida on east coast is closest.

What year did Cuba and the US turn away Jewish refugees?


How far from Florida to Cuba?

The nearest point between Florida and Cuba is about 90 miles. The United States maintains a US Marine base on Guantanamo Bay in Cuba.

How far away is Greece away from the us?

It is about 2000+ kilometers away

How far away is Alaska from the main part of the US?

really far(:

In 1961 the US backed what unsuccessful invasion of Cuba?

{| |- | The event is referred to as The Bay of Pigs. It is the place that Cuban's landed with help from the US in an attempt to take control of Cuba from the government. The US helped those that had been kicked out of Cuba in an attempt to regain US property that the government there had taken away. |}

How can you find the name of a herb that is imported into the US from Cuba?

There are no herbs imported to the US from Cuba. The US does not trade with Cuba.

Which country is the country closest to the US without bordering it?

The Bahamas are 40 miles away, Russia is 50 miles away and Cuba is 90 miles away.

How far away is England from the US?

it is about 3,000 miles away from I believe NYC

Is China 2500 miles away from the US?

no that probably as far away as Europe

How far is it from cayo coco to havana cuba?

How far is it from Cayo Coco to Havana, Cuba by plane or by car?

Is it legal for a permanent resident from Cuba to get married to a US citizen?

As far the the US is concerned, yes. I can't speak for Cuban laws.

Does Cuba trade cars with the US?

There is a trade embargo with Cuba, the US does not trade anything with Cuba.

How the US owned Cuba?

The US has never owned Cuba.

What are the similarities of Cuba and The US?

no the us and cuba are totally diffrent

How far away is england from US?

it is about 2,500 miles .