How far can sharks swim?

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they can swim as much as they can but they also do get tired

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Q: How far can sharks swim?
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How far do sharks go into the ocean?

deep deep water were you cant swim

Which sharks swim in fresh water?

Bull Sharks and River Sharks can swim in fresh water. They can also swim in sea water. These are the only two Sharks that can swim in fresh water.

How do lemon sharks swim?

Lemon sharks swim with their gills and fins

How far sharks swim?

Since they were born at sea- they can swim everywhere and anywhere- even in the undiscovered oceans.they swim for their hole live because they stop they will drow

What continent do sharks swim in?

sharks don't swim on land Do you mean oceans?

Why do pilot fish swim with sharks?

They swim with sharks so they can eat leftovers from them

How many miles can a shark swim?

A shark can swim hundreds of miles. Sharks have been known to migrate as far as one continent to another.

How do you repel sharks?

if you do not want to attract sharks...... * do not swim if you are waring shiny stuff * do not swim if you have a cut or open wound * do not swim at night * do not swim alone * do not swim out far * do not swim near fishermen while they are fishing plus if you do get attacked by a shark kick or punch it's nose or pull out it's eyes, those are the week spots.

Do sharks swim in schools or a pod?

Sharks are fish. Fish swim in 'schools'. Whales and dolphins are mammals. These swim in 'pods'.

Do crocodiles come when you chum the water for sharks?

no because sharks live in the far deep area of the oceans and such, but crocodiles cant swim very well.

Do sharks swim everyday?

Yes sharks swim everyday because that's how they move around.

How deep can sharks swim?

Sharks can swim on the surface of the ocean as well as deep as 6000 ft.

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