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the longes travel was 5292 miels

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Historically, Japanese whalers have gone far outside of Japan's boundaries. Other countries have attempted, or are attempting, to prevent the Japanese whalers from hunting in their territories.

Too far! Turn away from people and sneeze in your sleeve!

The reason Asia is called Far East is because people had to travel far to the east to trade with them

They can travel arbitrarily far.

People will usually only travel 50 to 100 miles to buy a car. Beyond this distance, there are usually not enough cost savings to make the travel worth it.

how far does 380 bullet travel

Whether you have to travel to see a play depends how far you live from the theatre it is playing at, not on what play it is.

how far up hill can propane travel

the rifle itself will only travel as far as you carry it

how far east did the mayan merchant travel

No. Travel was hard and most people didn't go beyond 5 miles from home. Edit: Actually, people in the Middle Ages did travel. Pilgrimage was difficult, but reasonably common.

0 because its too far for travel, for our tecnology

No time travel yet, so far just a theory

There is no set limit on how far a typhoon will travel. These typhoons can travel just a few miles to many miles.

How far does light travel in one hour

They can travel as far as they want to, provided they have food and water available.

a panda can travel as far as it wants to go as long as it have food and water

they travelled in boats or in carriages but could not travel very far like theUSA they could travel aroundEngland though but that is really it and Europe

If you are asking how far a 22 LR bullet will travel, about 1.5 miles.

How far can a t-rex travel in a day in miles

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