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Legally, ONE day. As long as you are in DEFAULT of your contract, the lender CAN repo the collateral. Read the contract for more on DEFAULT.

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Q: How far do you have to be behind on your payments to legally repo in Michigan?
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How far do you have to be behind on your payments to legally repo in Florida?

ONE day.

How many payments in the state of Texas can you be behind for repo?

Legally if you miss 1 payment you are delinquent and they can start repossession proceedings on their vehicle.

Can westlake financial repo your car?

if you are behind on payments then yes they can

How many payments behind will Volkswagen repo your car for?


If your mom is a cosigner on your car and they repo hers can they legally repo mine as they are claiming mycar payments are current but your mom is 3months behind you reside in Arizona?

Look at the contract. It may have verbage stating if you are in default on 1 note, you are in default on others. If so, yes. It's legal in Michigan if the note allows so in the default section.

How many payments do you have to miss before your car can be repo?

Depends on the lender. Legally, one!

How far behind on a auto loan before they repo the auto?

3 payments

Can vehicle registration be denied if you are behind on payments?

The repo man will tell you that, but no it is not true.

Can they repo your car if you have fallen behind on payments because you lost your job and now on unemployment?


If primary borrower gets behind in payments can you repo car?

If "you" are the lienholder then yes. If you're not the lienholder or their authorized agent (e.g. a repo man working for them), then no.

If you've been making monthly payments on your car and and you are still a month behind can they repo it?

As long as you are in default, they can repo. Try to catch up the month behind. Send $5.00-10.00, whatever.

Can you repo a car if you signed the loan but your ex-spouse is the only name on the registration and she is not making the payments?

You CANT legally. She could report it STOLEN if you did. Best thing to do is contact the LENDER and assure them that YOU will make the payments IF they will repo it. AND get the registration out of her name. They can do that AFTER repo. Good Luck and MERRY CHRISTMAS.

If you have fallen behind on your car payments and are trying to catch up can they still repo your car before you get caught up?

YES, legally they can repo as long as you are in DEFAULT of your contract. However, they want the money, not the car. So do what you told them you would do, stay in contact with them, dont avoid their calls and things will work out.

WHAT TEST do you need to become a repo man in Michigan?

what do i have to do to become a repo man in Michigan

Can a finance company repo YOUR car if YOU are not behind on YOur payments in Washington state?

If you are up-to-date then no, if you are a cosigner there may be complications...

Can a bank repo your car before notifing you before they come get it?

if you are behind at least 2-3 months behind in payments then they can come get it whenever they please

Can they legally repossess your car if all your monthly payments are up to date but you have made a few payments a day or a week late?

Read your CONTRACT. You have to be in DEFAULT of the contract for the lender to repo. If you are current on payments, what else can you be in default of?? INSURANCE coverage?

If you do a voluntary repo and get another dealerships car will that hurt your credit as bad as not making any payments for a repossession?

A repo is a repo is a repo.

If you still owe on a car and it is totally destroyed in a wreck and you are behind in payments can they repo your house?

Heck NO. LOL they might want you to THINK that...

Can your car be repossessed in Missouri if you are making payments but 45 days behind?

READ your CONTRACT. Its that simple. If you are in DEFAULT of the contract, they can repo the collateral.

You are making payments on your car but are behind. can they still repo your car?

Yes, they can. Consistent communication is the car-key to your vehicular retention.

When will they repo?

When you dont pay your payments on something

Can a loan company repo a truck with a boat attached to it in South Carolina?

Only if the truck, boat and trailer were all behind on payments and the lien holder for all of them assigned them all out for repo. If they weren't it's called conversion.

Can a repo man repo your truck behind your gate?

Yes. If he has a repo order, it is no longer YOUR truck.

Can you legally hide the car from repo in California?