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According to Maryln Van DeSavant I seem to recall she said 7 miles. From basic geometry, you get that the distance to the horizon is D=sqrt(2Rh) where D = distance to horizon R = radius of earth h = height of observer, which would be the height of your eyes. R and h have to be in consistent units, of course. In feet the radius of the earth is about 4000 mi * 5000 ft/mi or 20 million feet. Standing on the shore, your eyes are maybe 5 feet above the surface, so D=sqrt(2*20e6*5)= 14000 feet, or a little under three miles. There are some other effects that make that number a little different. Refraction bends your line of sight, so you can see a little bit farther. If you're looking at an object on the water, like a ship, you also get the distance on the other side of the horizion that corresponds to the height of the target. ==How to calculate the distance yourself== To get an "approximate" distance to the oceanic horizon from a particular observation point, take the square root of the height of the observation point, add 22.5%, and that will give you the distance in statute miles. For example, if your eyes were 6 feet off the ground, and you stood atop a 50' tower, your observation point would be 56'. The square root of 56' is 7.48. Add 22.5% of 7.48 (1.68) to 7.48 and you have 9.16 statute miles from your eyes to the horizon.

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Q: How far from the shore can you see until the horizon?
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How far can you see the horizon on land?

Depends on how sunny it is that day

How far can a person see or what is a normal visible horizon?

6.23 miles

If your eyes were 4 feet above the ground how far would you be able to see until the horizon?

If you were on the water with an unobstructed view, you would be able to see 2.692 miles or 2.338 nautical miles.

A 6 foot tall man stands at sea level. How far can can he see?

To the horizon.

You can always see it but it to far away to touch mountains rest on it at sea it surrounds you?

the horizon

How far can the human eye see to the horizon?

Visible distance (in nm) = 1.17 x the square root of the height (in feet) This means, sitting in my sea kayak, the "horizon" is really only about 2 miles away. However, a 50 foot tree on the shore line could be seen 8.5 miles away. !

You are in a hot air balloon 400 m above the ground. How far can you see that is how far is your horizon?

It seems like 1,000,000,000,000,000 meters away

Why is the horizon always at eye level?

Because that's all you can see of the horizon. Tall people see a further horizon, shorter people see a closer one.

How far can the eye see on the horizon of the ocean before the curve of the earth starts to bend?

if you were at sea level,how far is your vision before the contour of the earthstarts to bend

What does on the horizon mean?

The "horizon" is the furthest you can see. "On the horizon" therfore refers to an object which is just in sight.

If you can see a plane flying at 36000 feet but it is low over the horizon how far is the plane from the observer?

That depends on the angle of elevation

How far can you see to the horizon on land?

I asume that you mean, standing on land looking out over the ocean. The distance to the horizon would depend on the height of your eye above sea level. If the height of your eye is 6 feet the horizon is about 3.3 statute miles .

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