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21.3 mi - about 24 mins. driving distance.


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how far is mocksville, NC from Greensboro, NC

195 miles. Another answer: I have traveled from Beaufort NC to Durham NC and I think it's 233 miles.

Raleigh-Durham is one metropolitan area. Their downtowns are about 25 miles apart.

130 miles taking I-40 WEST to NC-147 NORTH at EXIT 279A, then NC-147 NORTH to Durham.

It is 71.16 miles according to MapQuest.

Shelby, North Carolina is about three and a half hoursaways from Cary, North Carolina.

About 70 miles 1 hour and 20 minutes. I40 Cary to I95 Fayetteville

Traveling on I-40 it takes at least 3 hours and 41 minutes to go the 224.36 miles between Durham, NC and Asheville, NC.

It is 199 miles according to Google Maps.

About 32 minutes away or 28.5 miles

It is 142 miles according to Google Maps.

The shortest driving distance is 33.8 miles.

It is 143 miles according to Google Maps.

It is 22.2 miles according to Google Maps.

It is 102 miles according to Google Maps.

The shortest driving distance is 161 miles.

123 miles taking this route:Take I-85 SOUTH from Durham to I-40 WEST.Continue on I-40 WEST to Statesville.

Should be less than a week. Two to three days, ideally. The postal system in Durham gets a bit slack at times, but they go out of their way to pander to the transplants in the Containment Area.

Kure Beach is about 170 miles or 3 hours from Durham, NC.

Approximately 128 miles, depending on your exact start/end points.

80.5 miles according to Mapquest

Cary, NC is 9 miles. Morrisville is 13 miles. Genlee is 18 miles. Durham is 24 miles from Raleigh.

There are 127.374 miles between Raleigh Durham, NC and Wilmington, NC.

From Durham NC to Duke University is about 2.8 mi and it takes about 8~9 minutes.

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