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In a straight line it is '''2605 miles and driving it is 2,983 mi - about 1 day 20 hours.'''

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โˆ™ 2007-09-19 10:18:57
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Q: How far is Los Angeles from Boston Massachusetts?
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How far is Los Angeles from Boston Massachusetts on a plane?

more than a mile

Is Boston far away from Los Angeles?


How far between Boston and Los Angeles?

It is about 2,985 miles according to MapQuest.

How far away is Boston from Massachusetts?

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts.

How far is Los Angeles from Boston?

2,983 miles and it takes about one day and 20 hours to get there.

How far is Boston from MA?

Boston is in Massachusetts.

How far is Los Angeles CA far from the ocean?

The west side of Los Angeles is the Pacific Ocean.

How far is Spain from Los Angeles?

Los Angeles/Madrid is 5815 miles

How far is Clinton Massachusetts from Boston Massachusetts?

90 miles

How far is Los Angeles Nevada to Los Angeles CA?

There doesn't appear to be any place named Los Angeles in Nevada.

How far is Los Feliz from Los Angeles?

The Los Feliz district is only about 8 miles from downtown Los Angeles.

How far is the flight from Los Angeles to Argentina?

how long is the flight from los angeles to Argentina

How far is it from Los Angeles to Culver City?

Culver City is within Los Angeles.

How far is California from Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is in the state of California!

How far is Nepal to Los Angeles?

7908 miles from Los Angeles to Kathmandu, Nepal

What is the mileage from Los Angeles to Napa?

How far is Napa, California from Los Angeles, California

How far is Worcester Massachusetts from Boston Massachusetts?

I believe about 40 miles.

How far is Los Angeles from Punta Arenas?


How far is Alameda from Los Angeles?

very far

Which team is better los Angeles dodgers or seattle mariners?

The Los Angeles Dodgers by far.

How far is it from India to Los Angeles?

There are about 7997.970 miles between India and Los Angeles, California.

Is Burbank near Los Angeles?

Yes, Burbank is in the Los Angeles area and not far at all.

How far is it Los Angeles to japon?

To Los Angeles to Japan, it's roughly about 5471 miles.

How far is Los Angeles from Hollywood?

Los Angeles is about 6.3 miles (12 minutes) from Hollywood.

How far is Norway from Los Angeles?

Norway is 5,320 miles (8,570 kilometers) from Los Angeles.