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City and state would really be helpful information.

If you mean in Camarillo, CA (which is what came up when I simply put that intersection into Google maps without any other details), there is not enough information to answer your question because you have not identified any particular part of 101. Your best bet would be to go and put that location into Google maps and see for yourself.

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Which state includes the intersection of 35 degrees N and 120 degrees W?

California. Those coordinates are in the mountains north of Santa Barbara, CA.

What City is at the intersection of interstate 40 and interstate 70?

santa Anna

Is Santa Barbara north of Santa monica?

Santa Barbara is about 90 miles north of Santa Monica, California.

Distance between Santa Barbara and Santa Maria California?

about 1 hour's drive North of Santa maria, and 30mins south of the Mission in San Luis Obispo.

What is the distance between Santa Fe to denver?

392 miles taking I-25 NORTH.

When will santa be in North Carolina?

Anytime between 12:00 till 5:00 am

How many miles between San Francisco and Santa Rosa CA?

Santa Rosa, CA is 55 miles north of San Francisco.

Does Santa live on the North or South Pole?

Santa lives at the North Pole.

What pole is santa from?

Santa is from the North Pole.

Does Santa like to live in the north pole?

The story is that Santa and his elves live at the North Pole, but of course, Santa is not real.

What is santa Claus north pole address?

Santa clause North pole or Santa Clause 1 reindeer lane north pole 99705 or santa clause p.o. box 56009 north pole Alaska 99705 1099

Is Santa Claus live in North Pole?

Santa Claus does not live at the North Pole. This is because Santa Claus is in the imagination of people.

Does Santa like it in the North Pole?

santa is fake

What is halfway point between Denver and Santa Fe?

eh someplace south of Pueblo and north of Trinidad... out in the nowhere between the two.

Does santa live in the north pole or the south pole?

Santa Claus lives at the north pole.

How long does santa stay in the north pole?

santa stays in the north pole for 11 monthes

Were is santa from?

From what I heard of, Santa is from the north or south pole. ( I'm pretty sure it's the North Pole)

What is Santa Claus address?

Santa Claus Address is: North Polar - Santa Claus P.O. Box 56099 North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099Trust me it worksSanta Claus lives in the North Pole at 108878 Trunia Lane. The North Pole is in the Arctic. Remember Santa Claus is real!

What do north Americans call Santa Claus?

Santa Claus

Does Santa live exactly on the north pole?

Santa is not real, though it's fun to pretend! Many parents tell their kids that Santa lives on the North Pole.

Is the north pole a real place and does Santa Claus live there?

The North Pole does exist, but Santa is not real and does not live there.

Is the Santa in Lapland the real santa?

santa is also satan, and is real. he lives in the north atlantic.

What is the driving distance between Santa Barbara and Sacramento?

447 miles taking this route:Take U.S. 101 SOUTH from Santa Barbara to I-405 SAN DIEGO FWY - NORTH to SACRAMENTO at EXIT 19A in Los Angeles.Take I-405 NORTH to I-5 NORTH.Take I-5 NORTH to Sacramento.

What is the connection between Santa and the North Pole Why is the legend that Santa lives there instead of somewhere else?

He lives there so that he doesn't get distracted while making toys.BUT HE DOESN'T EXIST!!!

Is there a north pole where santa Claus lives?

Yes, the North Pole is real. There is also a South Pole, but Santa likes the North Pole better.

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