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gay AnswerAbout 10,000 miles
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Q: How far is it in miles from London UK to Melbourne Australia?
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How far is it in miles from Oldham UK to Melbourne Australia?

10,534 miles

How far is it from Melbourne Australia to Singapore?

Air miles from Melbourne, Australia, to Singapore total 3,757 miles. That is 6,046 kilometers or 3,265 nautical miles.

How far is it in miles from Wales UK to Melbourne Australia?

The straight line distance from Cardiff to Melbourne is approximately 10,615 miles.

How far is it from Melbourne to London England?

10,515 miles is the air route

How far is it in miles from Manchester UK to Melbourne Australia?

The distance from Manchester to Melbourne is 10550 miles (16978 km).

How far is it from NYC to Melbourne Australia?

it is 10,372 miles traveling west.

How far is it between Melbourne and Singapore?

The flight distance from Singapore to Melbourne, Australia is: 3,764 miles / 6,057 km

How far is it from Melbourne to Uluru?

The distance from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia is 1445.5 miles. Driving, it should take about 22 hours and 13 minutes.

How far away is Australia from UK in miles?

Around 15,000 from London

How far is Melbourne from Fiji island?

The distance in a straight line, from Melbourne, Australia's airport to Suva, the capitol of Fiji, the distance is approximately 2,432 miles.

How far is kuala lumpur to Melbourne?

The flight distance from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Melbourne, Australia is: 3,952 miles / 6,360 km

How far is it from Sydney Australia to Melbourne Australia?

From Melbourne's CBD to Sydney's CBD is a distance of 869 km (539 miles) by road, travelling the inland route along the Hume Highway. The Flight distance is 713 kilometres (443 miles).

How far is Victoria Australia from Port of Melbourne?

The Port of Melbourne is in Melbourne, which is the capital of Victoria.

How far between Melbourne Australia and Leongatha Australia?

160 Kms.

How far exactly in km is it from Melbourne to Dubai?

The straight-line distance from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 11,656 kilometers. This is equal to 7,243 miles.

How far is it from St. Louis mo to Melbourne Australia?

really far

How far from Melbourne to Kalgoorlie?

Melbourne is 1,420 miles (2,290 kilometers) from Kalgoorlie.

How far is Melbourne Australia from Brunei?

3 hours

How far is Australia from Dallas tx?

As you've not indicated which coast in Australia, I'm presuming you mean Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne: The flight distance from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Sydney/Melbourne/Brisbane Australia is approximately 13,800 KM or 8,600 miles.

How far is it from Melbourne to mansfield Australia?

Driving from Melbourne to Mansfield will take about 3 hours depending on your point of departure in Melbourne.

How far in MILES is it from the south coast to the west coast?

From Melbourne, on the south Coast of Australia, to Pontevedra, on the west coast of Spain, it's 11,039 miles.

How far from London to Antarctica in miles?

10,098 miles

How far is it from Scottish Highlands to Melbourne Australia?

Approximately 16,800km

How far in miles is London N14 to London W1?

About 10 miles.

How far is parkville from Melbourne airport?

14 miles

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