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It is about 200 miles (about 3 hour drive) per Google Maps.

It's a good day's ride, but if y'all don't want to push yer horses 'n cattle, settle down somewhere for the night and pick y'self back up in the morn.

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How far is Austin from Dallas?

It's a 200-mile drive from Austin to Dallas.

How far would you travel if you drove from Austin to Dallas to Houston and then back to Austin?

Really Far

How far is Dallas from Austin?

195 miles

How far is Austin to Dallas Texas?

about 200 miles

How far is it to Dallas to Austin?

Driving it would be 199mi

Are all people from Dallas texas redneck?

No, the people in Austin are far more reasonable.

What direction is Dallas Texas is of Austin Texas?

Dallas is north of Austin.

Is Austin Texas closer to Dallas or Houston?

Austin to Houston is 162 miles. Austin to Dallas is 195 miles.

Is Dallas southwest from Austin?

No, it is northwest of Austin.

How many miles from Dallas tx to Austin?

Austin is approximately 175 miles south of Dallas.

How old is Dallas from Austin and ally?

Dallas from Austin and Ally is currently 13 years old.

Is Dallas fartheer than Austin?

If you're coming from San Antonio, Dallas is farther than Austin. If you're coming from Oklahoma City, Austin is farther than Dallas.

Where are austin and dallas texas located?

Austin is a little east of the geographical center of Texas. Dallas is 200 miles north of Austin.

How many miles from Dallas Texas to Austin Texas Pennsylvania to Austin Texas?

Austin to Dallas, 195 miles Austin to Pittsburgh, 1417 miles Austin to Philadelphia, 1682 miles

Which city has a bigger city Austin or Dallas?


Which airport is closer to Houston Austin or Dallas?


Is Austin Texas farther from Dallas Texas or is Houston Texas farther?

Houston texas is farther from Dallas Texas

What is larger Dallas or Austin TX?

Dallas is larger

How far is Austin tx to dallas?

The driving distance from Austin TX to Dallas is 196 miles via I-35 North per Map Quest. The driving time per Map Quest is 2 hours and 58 minutes.

Where is Houston in relationship to Austin the capital of Texas where is it in relationship to Dallas?

Houston is east of Austin and south of Dallas.

What's name of city between Dallas and Austin?

The largest city between Dallas and Austin is Waco.

When was Dallas Austin born?

Dallas Austin was born on December 29, 1970, in Columbus, Georgia, USA.

Houston TX closer to Dallas TX or Austin TX?

Houston is much closer to Austin than Dallas.

Is Miles Austin still on the Dallas Cowboys team?

No, Miles Austin was released from the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Where is The Dallas Cowboys Stadium located?

Dallas texas