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erm its around 600 miles so it should take half an hour to fly there.

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Q: How far is mali from the UK?
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Are the UK and Brazil in the same time zones or the UK and Mali or is it the UK and Brazil?

The UK and Mali share the same time zone !

How far is Mali from the west coast of Africa?

very far

Do the UK and Mali have daylight at the same time?


Does Brazil and the UK have daylight at the same time as each other?

I don't think so- I think the UK and Mali do though!

How many internally displaced persons did the 2012 insurgency in northern Mali create so far?

The 2012 insurgency in northern Mali created 100,000+ internally displaced persons so far.

Prime Meridian countries?

the UK, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo and Ghana

What was found in ghana mali and songhai?

The Ghana Empire prospered as the "land of gold" far to the west.

Who is Get Far?

Get Far is Mario Fargetta, a dj from UK.

Hernando de soto traveled as far west as present day?

they traveld to the state Mali.

Which does the prime meridian cross?

-- England (UK) -- France -- Spain -- Algeria -- Mali -- Burkina Faso -- Togo -- Ghana -- Antarctica

Is this a UK number 18022878128?

As far as I know, it is not an UK number.

How far is India from the UK?

India is about 4500 miles from the UK.