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It take a multi-million amount of germs to spread, three minutes.

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Can teddy bears spread germs?

Everything spreads germs ''Yes'' they spread germs.

How can germs spread?

Germs spread by any way. By air water and humans and animals. Many Germs can spread by touching the face or hands.

How are germs spread?

Germs can be spread b close conact with a person who has the germ.

Does burping spread germs?

Burping does not spread germs. It is just access air you have swallowed

What are some of the ways that germs can be spread from person to person?

Germs can be spread in many ways from person to person. Physical contact such as handshakes or hugging can lead to the spread of germs. Drinking after another person can also lead to the spread of germs. It is best to avoid contact with individuals who are sick.

How do vectors spread germs?

Vectors are the transportation means of germs.

Can you catch a cold by eating after someone?

Yes actually you can. That is if they had a cold when they ate it. You see germs spread fast and especially in food.

Where does disease spread?

By germs

How can you prevent the spread of germs and diseases?

Well practically you can't stop the spread of germs but you can stop the spread of diseases by staying home and talking medication.

Do germs spread slowly?

Depends on the germs and the atmosphere. Ie. Temparture

How can germs spread from person to person?

If they touch another person when they already have germs.

What germs are spread with mucus?

Millions of them.

Germs spread by kissing?

Yes, germs can be spread by kissing by pretty much doing anything, breathing, touching, sneezing,, talking..

How do diseases spread by touch?

germs go through your skin and spread

How are most diseases usually spread?

Most diseases are spread by germs.

A hiccup can help spread germs?

no it cannot

Can you get on rides with an ear infection?

No. That will spread germs.

Do you spread germs if you go swimming with a cold?

It really depends. If you just normally swim then you won't spread germs but if you cough or sneeze in the pool then you would

What Disease Is Spread By Touch?

Probably nothing. But you can spread germs by a touch or your salivas.

How are diseases spred?

the way most germs spread is by breathing the germs out of your mouth, so somebody else breaths it in and the germs get in their body.

Can cats and hamsters pass germs?

* yes cats and hamsters can spread germs you are not supposed to put hamsters close to your face or kiss them * cats can spread germs because if they are an outside cat they could get germs from outside also the liter and licking temselves might give them some or a lot of germs

How do germs spread?

if you put your fingers in your nose or your mouth that spreads germs and that's how you catch a cold.

How do germs spread if you dont wash your hands when you go to the bathroom?

The germs on your hands will spread to every surface you touch. So the door handle in the bathroom will be full of germs. Any one who touches it after that will take some of the germs with them. everything they touch will also leave some germs behind. Also if you touch someone else you will pass germs to them as well.

What is another word for illness spread by germs?


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