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How fast does a passenger plane travel?

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Commercial airplanes typically travel around 550 (five hundred and fifty) miles per hour. They are able to travel and slower or faster speeds, however.

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How fast does a plane travel?

Most passenger jets fly at a speed of 400-500 knots.

How fast does the average passenger plane go?

500-600 mph

How fast does a passenger plane fly?

a passenger plane can go up too 400 mph and that's a small one a big one can go 600

How fast a concOrd plane can fly?

The Concorde is the worlds first supersonic passenger jet. It can travel a speeds up to mach 2.02 (2,140 kilometres per hour)

How long does it take to travel 210 miles by plane?

The answer depends on how fast the plane is flying.

How fast does a commercial plane travel?

105nots per hour

How do Chris Brown travel so fast?

By his private plane.

How fast does an average plane travel per mile?


How fast do passenger airplanes travel?

Usually around 600 MPH

How fast does an air plane travel in kilometres per hour?

An airplane can travel at a speed of 400kmph to 9000kmph.

How do people travel out of Italy?

Travel to and from Italy is most often by car, train, or plane. There are a number of passenger sea ports as well.

How fast do trains travel?

Trains can travel as fast as 150 miles per hour on average. Most passenger trains travel at a rate of speed of 90 miles per hour.

How long does it take a plane to travel 1500 miles?

depends how fast it is going!

If you travel 612 miles on a plane in an hour how how fast is the plane going?

612 miles per hour or 612 mph

A plane traveling at a constant speed is able to travel 750 miles in 5 hours How fast is the plane flying?

150 MPH

How long is a flight from Toronto to Minneapolis?

Depends how fast the plane is :P If it's an averege passenger plane, I'd say certainly less than two hours.

How fast does the Cessna 406 plane travel?

the Cessna 406 can travel up to the speed of 455 km/h (283 mph)

Fastest passenger plane?

Concorde plane :-)

How fast do planes travel?

the average speed for a plane is 500 to 900 miles per an hour.

What is the most economical yet considerably fast way to travel from Shenzhen to Shanghai in December?


How fast does the Typhoon fighter plane travel?

The Eurofighter Typhoon flies at about 1,320 mph at altitude.

How far inland can a tsunamis flooding travel?

The tsunami can flood as fast as a commercial jet plane.

Were can i get the LEGO passenger plane?

for the new one and the old Lego passenger plane

What is the worlds smallest passenger plane?

The worlds smallest passenger plane is probably a piper jet

What is the fastest passenger plane in the world?

It is the Concorde, although it is no longer used for commercial passenger flights. what is the fastest passenger plane in the world