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How fast does a plane fly?

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500 miles per hour

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How fast does a fighter plane fly?

A fighter plane can fly 1000 to 2000 mph.

How fast did concord plane fly?


How fast does a concord plane fly?

2170 kmh

How fast does the plane fly?

about 500-600 mph

How long to fly to paris from Seoul?

Depends how fast the plane is.

How fast does a average plane fly?

Planes fly about 80 to 100 miles per-hour.

How fast does a Concorde plane fly?

the concord flew mach3 from what I`ve researched

How fast can a spitfire plane fly?

The Spitfire could reach 606 mph .

How fast can a Boeing 763 fly?

There is not such plane as a Boeing 763 that has been made.

Can a helicopter fly as fast as a plane?

A fast aeroplane will be faster than any helicopter, but a fast helicopter can be faster than a slow aeroplane.

How long does it take to fly from Boston MA to Singapore?

it depends how fast the plane is going

How fast can a Hawker Hurricane plane go?

The Hurricane could fly at about 340 mph.

Choose the correct answer A He wants to fly a plane B He wants to fly the plane C He wants to flight the plane D None of them?

He wants to fly the plane. or He wants to fly a plane.

How fast does a plane travel?

Most passenger jets fly at a speed of 400-500 knots.

How fast does a paper airplane fly?

If you are a pro and you toss the paper plane it can go about 16 mph.

How long does it take to fly 1000 miles by jet plane?

Depends on how fast you're flying.

How fast is a f-15 plane?

An F-15 can fly at over 1,500 mph.

How long does it take to fly 943 miles?

It depends how fast your plane is going including windspeed.

Can pope Benedict fly a plane?

No, he can fly in a plane but is not a pilot.

When on a plane do passengers fly or ride?

Passengers fly on a plane.

How fast can a plane fly?

Well the SR-71 Black Bird went over Mach 3.

How fast does a Cirrus SR22 plane fly?

Cirrus SR22 flies with top speed of 405 kph.

How long does it take to fly from western Australia to Queensland?

About 5 hours depending on which root and how fast the plane is.

How long does it take to fly 900 mi?

You would need to know how fast the plane is flying to calculate that.

How fast does a passenger plane fly?

a passenger plane can go up too 400 mph and that's a small one a big one can go 600