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How frequently do you change transmission fluid in Acura TL?


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Every 100,000 miles is plenty

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To change the transmission oil on a 1988 Acura Integra drain the older fluid by loosening the drain bolt. Wait until it is done drain and cap the hole. Insert new transmission fluid in the transmission reservoir.

how do you add transmission fluid on 98 acura cl 3.0

You require 3-4 when doing a fluid change, be sure to only use Honda/Acura brand

In mine the transmission is a sealed system meaning you cant change/fill the fluid without disassembly.

Any type of SAE certified transmission fluid can be used in the 1997 Acura. The transmission should never be overfilled.

It is important to use the correct amount of fluid in a car. The 1988 Acura Legend takes about 3.2 quarts of transmission fluid.

Honda- Acura ATF or Dextron III

Honda ATF-Z1 fluid, you have to get it from your Honda/Acura dealer.

what millage will be change transmission fluid

You should change the transmission fluid and filter on a 2000 GMC Yukon every 5,000 to 6,000 miles. It does not need changes more frequently than that.

Use only OEM Acura/Honda ATF DW-1 automatic transmission fluid. Do not use any other fluid that claims to be compatible.

The Acura recommended transmission oil is any SAE certified transmission oil. The transmission holds approximately 9 quarts of transmission fluid.

If it is an automatic transmission, you add transmission fluid with a long funnel through the dipstick opening.

On my '94, I went through dipstick. Make sure you get the HONDA/ACURA fluid from the dealer.

To change transmission fluid on a Acura 3.2 TL you must first check the existing fluid level when the transmission is hot which takes 15 to 20 minutes of driving. Next you will need to dip the dipstick in the transmission fluid to check the level which should be between the third and second level of the dipstick. Use a funnel to add transmission fluid if necessary. Next start the engine and shift into each position and then apply the parking break and turn the engine off. Recheck the transmission fluid and add more if necessary.

How do you change transmission fluid in 98 zx2

Honda ATF-Z1 transmission fluid or a multi-import transmission fluid that meets the requirements for ATF-Z1.

How many quarts of transmission fluid is required to change transmission fluid in a 1993 150 Ford Van?

Use only genuine Acura or Honda fluid and nothing else.

Before you can change the transmission fluid on a 1997 BMW 540-I you need to remove the plug and drain the old fluid. The new fluid is poured into the top of the transmission in the hole marked for transmission fluid.

CaN I add transmission fluid on 98 Mercedes

Do you mean "change THE transmission" or "Change the transmission FLUID"? Big difference there....

its just like an oil change. find the big drain bolt on your transmission.drain it. Its safe to say that acuras only need their tranny fluid changed about twice in their lifetime.

you can change the fluid, but not the filter. drain the fluid from the drain plug on the bottom of the transmission and refill from the dipstick. the filter is only accessable by overhauling the transmission

It may just need a fluid/filter change and then again it may be a more serious problem. My advice is to take it to a Acura/Honda dealer or trusted transmission shop for service immediately. Continuing to drive in this condition may do serious damage to the transmission.

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