How get your webcam on?

Well, you should have software on your computer/laptop for it. If not then Download some from the internet- there should be some for free but make sure your anti-virus software is working.
If the screen for your webcam seems to be blank then this might mean that your drivers need updating. So click onto 'start' then right click 'Computer' and click on properties. When this screen comes up press on 'Device manager' , scroll down the list untill you find 'Imaging device' and then click on that. The screen for that should come up and there is three tabs : 'General' , 'Drivers' and 'Details' , click on drivers and then on 'Update' , Let the stuff update and then if it doesnt work its because you need to shut down so it can save the changes. - I hope this helps, by the way this advice was given to you from a 12 year old girl who fixed her webcam,This is guaranteed to work!