How ham radio works in disaster prone area?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Q: How ham radio works in disaster prone area?
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Where are disaster prone area?

Disaster prone areas are in the coastlines of tropic regions.

Is Japan a disaster prone area?

Yes, Japan is prone to natural disasters. :)

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In a landslide prone area we should make sure that our house foundation is strong.

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The best way to do that is monitoring well how disaster - prone is the area they are traveling to. Like some Asian countries are well know as area where disaster can strike anytime.

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Tornado Alley is the most common area that is prone to tornadoes. Tornadoes normally show up there because the land is so dry, if I remember correctly.

How would you use the word prone in a sentence?

This is an accident prone area.

When was The Disaster Area created?

The Disaster Area was created in 1967.

How many pages does The Disaster Area have?

The Disaster Area has 206 pages.

Which human intervention should be used in an area prone to flooding?

which human intervention should be an area prone to flooding

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