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Amateur radio (also called ham radio) is the private and licensed use of selected radio bands for recreational purposes, experimentation, and emergency communication. Amateur radio operates under rules limiting the maximum power and technical characteristics of each transmission.

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Amateur Radio

What does what's your 20 mean?

i.e., what's your location. It's CB radio talk. (CB borrowed a few items from the

old Police/Fire/Emergency "10-Code" list. "10-20" meant "What is your location?"

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What is a browning B-80 worth?

What is the value of a Browning Humpback 12 ga automatic shotgun

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Who owns Yaesu?

I believe Yaesu is owned by a conglomerate the named Vertex Standard USA, Inc.

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How many cycles per second is 5mhz?

To be very technical, it depends on what the 'm' means in the question.

If the frequency in the question is 5 mHz = 5 mega-Hertz


mega = million, 5 mega = 5 million so 5 mega Hertz = 5 million Hertz.

5 mHz = 5 million cycles per second

But a small 'm' often means 'milli'. That's probably not what you meant,

but if it is, then

5 mHz = 5 milli Hertz = 0.005 Hz

That would mean 0.005 of a cycle per second,

or 200 seconds to finish one whole cycle.

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Character sketch of leela benare in silence the court is in session?

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Amateur Radio

Is amateur radio dying out?

No, it is not dying out. in fact, with the growth of the Internet, it has become accessible to a wider range of people and the opposite is in fact true. it has even become incredibly easy to set up. all you need is radio automation software (Eg. Mixxx), Lame Encoder, and a server. just go to caster beta and you will find all the instructions, and its all free. it is now only costing people as much as the Internet costs to stream it all.

In my opinion, Amateur radio is fading because of the Internet, and other forms of communication that do not require a license. The simple truth is that the only fading is with appliance operators, glorified CB users with a license. Those numbers are fading, but not fast enough. The true radio amateur is an operator for life. There is much more to amateur radio than simple talk. Streaming over the Internet is not amateur radio, even though many use it. When conditions warrant, you will see the true amateur radio operators handling emergency communication, supplementing our local government emergency communication's. The internet will not be anywhere in site when that happens.

Amateur Radio

What does a fail 5 on a sincgars radio mean?

Fail 5 means mean that the radio is not detecting the COMCSEC CCA. This is usually due to the radio's COMSEC knob being in the PT position.

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Want to listen to police scanner live?

If you want to listen to police scanners for free, download free online scanner from the link below.

This program is free, therefore you can't control the scanner but you can find one close to your area to listen to.

Amateur Radio

Will the radio tone rt-crc1 operate on 222 MHz?

The RT-CRC1 is a Cross Band Repeater Controller. It is just a controller that is used to build up a cross band repeater system with 2 units of handheld radio. The radio operating frequencies are NOT related to the RT-CRC1 controller. You can adjust the frequencies of the 2 connected handheld radios to any channels.

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How many watts of power does it take to talk to Japan from California on ham radio?

Depends on many factors. What frequency are you talking on, what are the atmospheric conditions like, how good is your antenna, are you sending code or trying to talk voice, how good is the other ham's receiver, etc.

I can tell you that when I first received my license in the mail, my first contact on ham radio was with a ham in Arizona. I was in San Luis Obispo, CA. He was running 1/4 watt of power, using Morse Code (or, CW, as we call it, for Continuous Wave).

There are hams that have talked with countries all over the world using less than 5000 watts of power. This question cannot be answered with a simple number - there are way too many variables involved. Here are some false ideas to take into consideration:

The more sensitive the receiver is, the less sensitive the transmitter must be to transmit a signal. The opposite is also true.

The lower the frequency, the farther the signal can travel due to the wavelength. Lower frequencies tend to be less stable than higher frequencies. Higher frequencies cannot transmit as far.


Everything above is true but I would like to add that my stupid idea is that the antenna used for communication is the single most important part of a ham radio station. A poor antenna will waste power in itself instead of radiating it. (The polo something..... don't remember) is important. A gain antenna which is directional "like the ones you see on most ham radio towers" both transmits and receives "hears" in only the direction it is pointed greatly enhancing signal strength. If you have a thousand dollars to spend and you could buy a linear amplifier or a good antenna, buy a good antenna. You won't regret it. I have been non technical in my answer but there are tons of pages on antennas on the net as it is one of the most complicated subjects there is.

Let me expand on the top answer. The QRP group would insist that you can communicate all around the world on miliwatts. This is true, but not practical unless QRP (low power) is what you wish to do. The most common max power on a new radio is 100 watts, although some of the more expensive radios could have more. With the stock 100 watt radio, depending on atmospheric conditions, your antenna type, and the height of your antenna, you could talk to most all countries, but not on demand. What I mean by demand is that you can't control when you will make each contact, but each day, or night, you may contact some part of the world. Learning is what Amateur radio is all about. I suggest that you find your local radio club and go to one of their meetings. Once you introduce yourself, and express a desire to learn more, most hams will want to help you get started.

Let me add that

Atmospheric conditions are always changing, and we have some very good years for propagation, and some are pretty bad. We are coming down from one of the best years for radio wave propagation, and it will continue until propagation gets poor. That will take a few years ,and will be a slow process. As already stated, the antenna is 75% of a great station, with the radio being the other 25% It is true that you can use a linear amplifier to put out maximum allowed power, but putting that power into a poor antenna will be a big waste of time and money. The poor antenna will yield very poor reception, and even though the linear amplifiers will amplify reception as well as transmission, it can only amplify what it can hear. Very poor antennas can hear very little compared to the ideal antenna. If this all sounds like Greek to you, it is more the reason to join your local Amateur radio club and become well educated in radio use, antenna design, radio operation rules, and meet a lot of great people with the same interest. If we ever have a world war and it renders our normal communication methods useless, it will be radio Amateurs who will save the day with ingenuity that is MacGyver-ish in nature.

An opinion added by another contributor:

I strongly second the motion and support the statement that the antenna is

the most important part of the ham radio station, and if I could give it 18 more

votes then I would do that too. The reason it may sound like a stupid idea is

because it's such a simple statement of such profound wisdom. Are you trying to

tell me that a bunch of wire or metal rods or pipes has more effect on successful

communication than a big hot linear amp that goes for 5000 bucks has ? ! ?


- - - - -

Five thousand watts? Legal power on the amateur bands IF you have an Extra-class license is only 1500.

If you're working Morse you can communicate with Japan on 5 watts or less if you have the right antenna and good atmospherics. It's been done with less than 1 watt and a good directional antenna with director and reflector elements. Voice you'll need more power, but 100 watts and a directional antenna will talk to anywhere in the world.

Amateur Radio

What is the meaning of radio meteorograph?

the Radio is a system the sends a news for you or an information!!!!

its like a N_ws Pap_r=newspaper!

newspaper is a paper that contains enw for the world

Amateur Radio
Central Board of Secondary Education CBSE

How ham radio is used to give information during in a disaster?

There are many, many Hams who have portable VHF and UHF rigs, complete in a container with large batteries to run the radio, and often with a large (19" or more) antenna rising from their backpacks. In New York city, for example, when the World Trade Tower came down, most of the longer-distance (longer than line of sight) radios no longer worked, as the power went out. The large number of hams who came from even far-away States positioned themselves in fire stations. police stations, etc. and other hams were near fire trucks, police cars, command centers, etc. The person would tell the ham what to say, and he would say it to the ham at the farther away place, who would tell it to the firefighter, officer, dispatch center, etc.

This is very typical of disasters with hams coming to help, although it might not always be in support of police or firefighters. And this service is free to the local governments. (Actually, any government)

Other hams, at home can patch in telephone signals to the disaster scene for people to ask about loved-ones, if that service is available on the scene.

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Who was the first inventor of the Ham radio?

Ham radio , owing to its social context, evolved, and is not a consumer product as is, perhaps a Walkie-Talkie. the technical editor ( he edited a variety of radio and electronics magazines- also science fiction stuff) Hugo Gernsback played indeed a big Brother, or Father Figure type role to the whole idea of Amateur Radio back in the days of the Key-only transmissions. When the federal government got to regulating radio transmission licensing, Gernsback and his magazines- Modern Electrics ,. for one, made a big push for non-profit amateur operators, their various utility roles, etc. and this was instrumental in getting the Federal Roberts Bill enacted. This was in the very early it was, there was a separation of categories of licensed ops- commercial, marine ( ships, etc) and Amateur, all on different frequencies and wavelengths to minimize interference- often called Harmonics by Radio buffs. In a sense Mr. Gernsback was one of the Founding fathers of Ham Radio, in the organizational sense, so to speak.

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Who is Joel Zimmeran?

Joel Zimmeran Is A.K.A Deadmau5 A Techno Music Artist

Amateur Radio

Which waveband has the shorter range LF or UHF?

Long distance communication is much less common

on UHF bands than it is on LF, MF, or HF bands.

Your question can be answered truthfully in so many ways, as long as any one of them does not claim to be the only correct answer. So the above answer is true, but all bands have potential for great distances. The most common are the lower frequencies, which can bounce around the earth and end up almost anywhere. UHF also has some ability to longer range if used in the correct manor. One such way is to bounce it off of some object out in space.

Amateur Radio has a lot of interesting points, if you have a interest in Amateur radio, search google for one of your local ham clubs, and go to the next meeting. You will get the chance to introduce yourself, and get any questions you may have answered.

The Internet has the single greatest amount of information on every topic, including Amateur radio.

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Why did radio stop working in 2007 impala?

Based on the information in the question, the

only answer we can suggest is that it broke.

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Who must grade the examinations of each examinee?

In a volunteer exam session, EACH of the three VEs that sign the form are required to check the grades of the exam. You cannot simply have one examiner grade it and the others take his word for it. Otherwise, you essentially have one VE checking the paper.

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Is there a place where you can buy stuff that has sold out everywhere?


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Who has a choc top?

Sean Brannon Does

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What is the function of a ham radio?

Ham Radio is a hobby for learning about radio and electronics, talking to like minded people around the community or the world, promoting international goodwill, and providing for emergency communications in times of disaster or other need.

Amateur Radio

How long is the term of accreditation for arrl vec ve team volunteers examiners?

Eeach VE's accreditation lasts until their FCC license expiration date.

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How do you tune a Antron 99 Base Station Antenna?

it's allready pretuned

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Can a ham radio pick up cell phones?

It depends. The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) banned the manufacture of scanners and Ham Radios that can receive cell phones years ago. The manufacture of radios with this capability available is no longer available however, it took several years before this was changed. The cell phone signals would need to be analog for them to be able to listen in to and if you were traveling in a car on a highway, your signal would jump to another cell site and the listener would need to travel with you and know what frequency you would need to. This is difficult to do because of the large number of frequencies or channels available to analog cell phones. This takes several minutes with most scanners. It is now also illegal to modify a radio to receive these signals and has always been illegal to listen to them. It is also illegal to disclose the content of anything you hear on a scanner unless it is a conversation between Ham Radio operators and obviously your favorite broadcast station.

Digital cell phone signals are nearly impossible to listen to because of their encoding.

The short Answer: No, you can not listen to cell phone conversations on any form of Amateur radio. The blurb above is all about what scanner users could do in past years, but scanner users are not licensed amateur radio operators.

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Other term for fraction bar?

Most people just use the name Fraction Bar. Some people call it the Division Bar, too.

Amateur Radio

Which states touch California the state?




Baja California


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