How hard is French?

Updated: 4/27/2024
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For an English speaker, French is one of the easiest language to learn. The grammar and conjugations are quite difficult - as in German and Spanish - but the vocabulary is relatively easy and the alphabet is close to the English one.

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French can be challenging for English speakers due to its complex grammar rules, varied verb conjugations, and different sentence structure. However, with dedication and practice, it is definitely possible to learn and become proficient in French. Immersion, consistent practice, and exposure to the language can help in mastering French.

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Q: How hard is French?
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What is hard in French?

dur / dure is the French adjective for hard.

What is the Cajun French translation for hard headed?

tete der

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What does dur mean in french?


How do you say worked hard in french?

The phrase "worked hard" in French is "travaillé dur."

Is Italian hard?

Yes, Italian is hard since the grammar is similar to French.

How do you say go hard in french?


How do you spell hard in french?

dur, dure

How do you say it will be worth it in french?

in french you say: ice bank mice elf hard

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The french didn't like it very much because it was hard for them.

What does dure mean in French?

Dure (feminine adjective - the masculine is dur) means hard in French.

What hand does French people eat with?

Neft hard