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very eazy 20 min and 40 bucks on new bolts from a dealor

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โˆ™ 2009-10-12 05:08:49
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Q: How hard is it to fix tie-rods on a 2001 ford f-150?
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How hard is it to replace exhaust manifold pass side on a 2008 ford F150 5.4L?

It is very hard.

Ford F150 Brakes?

form_title= Ford F150 Brakes form_header= Drive safely with new brakes. When was the last time your brakes have been replaced?*= _ [50] Have you noticed any issues?*= () Yes () No Do you have to press hard on the brakes?*= () Yes () No

Does bad gasoline make a ford f150 hard to start It was starting fine before the gasoline was put in?


Where exactly on a 93 ford f150 transmission is the speed sensor?

speeodmeter quit abs lights on transmission shifts hard

How do you replace a dome light in a 2004 f150?

There is a video on youtube that will show you. Just search for "Ford F150 dome light" and there will be a video showing you how to. Oh my god it was Soooo easy! I was thinking it would be hard myself.

Why would the ac change from dash vents to the defrost vents when accelerating in a Ford F150?

You are having a vacuum loss. Check the hard plastic line that is on the right side under the hood for holes. I replaced mine and it fixed the problem. 1992 F150

How do you remove bank 1 oxygen sensor on a 2002 Ford f150?

Removing the transmission dip stick will give you more room to work, but it's still a hard place to get to.

Why would a 1997 Ford f150 4x4 5.4L engine turn backwards real easy but hard forwards when turning manual at the crankshaft pulley?

Not building compression It should be hard to turn. It is not designed to rotate in opposite direction.

Has anyone replaced the gaugecluster bulbs on 2001 Ford sport trac is it a easy or hard job?

Not too hard. Remove radio panel first, then gage cluster.

Where is the fuel filter located on 1992 Ford F150?

The fuel filter is located in the framing on the driver side just in front of the gas tank. Kinda hard to get to, lines are also a pain to get loose.

How do you remove the dash on a 2001 ford ranger?

dont even try to do it. I've taken dashes off many cars for repairs. The ford 2001 is a pain in the you know what. The cables that are attached are short.making it so hard to disnonnect. If you can skip it I would suggestthat.

Can an American buy a car in Europe?

Yes! As long as you send it out u can trade lets say a ford f150 for a koenigsegg ccxr they will trade you. American cars and trucks are very hard to find in Europe

What different Ford F-150 Tonneau covers are available in the US?

The different Ford F150 Tonneau covers available in the US include: Seal and Peel, Hard Shell, Roll Up, Lund Snap, Sure Fit, Extang, Hinged and Tri Fold.

Will a 96 ' 4.6 T-bird motor fit a 99' F150 extra cab with a 4.6 motor?

Yes the Motor will fit if you pull out the Ford motor. (It is Quite hard to rewire)

How much freon does a 1993 Ford F150 take to fill it up?

It's been a while, but I believe its 2.2 pounds. The R-12 for this will be prohibitively expensive and hard to find, consider a 134 conversion kit.

Where is the fuel filter on a 2001 Ford Focus ZTS and is it hard to change?

It is under the car, on the right rear, up by the gas tank and it's about 2

How hard is it to change an auto transmission to a manual in a 2000 Ford F150 4x4?

The cost would outway the results. The column and pedals would have to be changed . The computer and wiring harness so that the transmission would shift. And the beat gones on.

Location of expansion valve on 2001 ford econoline van?

It is in the back, driver's side. It is behind the panel. You have to remove alot of panel but once you get there it is not hard to change,

How hard is it to replace a master brake cylinder on a 2005 ford f150?

Not a major job Disconnect brake lines Disconnect electrical level sensor Remove mounting bolts BENCH BLEED NEW MASTER CYLINDER PRIOR TO INSTALLATION

How do you replace the oil pump on a blazer 4 wheel drive?

The easiest way is go remove the front.differential u have to remove cv axles outer tierods and pitman and idel arm and shaft its tricky to get it out but not that hard

Under normal driving conditions what fuel mileage should a 98 f150 4wd with 4.6 get?

I drive a 2001 F150 for work and put on about 100 miles a day in the foothills / mountains. (Should be the same body style etc. as the 98.) I average about 15 MPG as long as I'm not driving real hard. Mine is an extended cab, 4WD, with the 4.6. When driving real hard or with a trailer, I'm still getting 10-12.

2004 Ford F150 sometimes thumps pretty hard when shifting gears what is wrong?

good morning, 2004 f150 xlt 5.4. start truck up put in gear, no problem give fuel and will bump from 1-2nd. all other gears good just seems to happen from dead stop. checked over drive line all good. ?????

Ford Expedition 2003 steering wheel hard to turn?

2003 ford expodition steering wheel is hard to turn.

Is it hard to fix a manifold leak on 351 ford engine?

is it hard to fix a manifold leak on a 351 ford engine

How do you adjust the emergency park brake on a 2001 Ford F250?

Run the truck backwards to about 10 Mph, hit you brakes very hard. This will adjust your brakes in general.