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improbable unless you have very good credt

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Q: How hard is it to get a loan for a High-end Collectible car that does not run or turn over?
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Can I get my name off the title and loan of my ex-son in law's van if he still has a loan on the van?

The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.The loan must be paid off and you must sign the title over in order to get the title and loan out of your name and responsibility.

What is a loan that is amortized over 20 years but the balance of the loan is due and payable in 5 years?

Balloon Payment Loan

How do you get student loan debt dropped or deferred?

Contact your loan provider about getting your loan deferred and they will go over the options that you have.

What is a loan amortization in reference too purchasing a car on credit?

When purchasing a car on credit, a loan is obtained and the loan is paid off over time. For example, a car loan paid off over 5 years, with monthly payments, is considered to amortized over 5 years.

What exactly does amortization loan do?

An amortizing loan is a loan where the principal of the loan is paid down over the life of the loan, according to some amortization schedule, typically through equal payments.

Which 1991 US pennies are collectible?

Over 9,400,000,000 were minted for circulation no none of them are collectible. If you have a 1991-S proof cent in its original holder it could be worth a quarter or so.

What is payment on 75000 loan at6.25percent for 30 loan?

$453.42 over 30 years.

How does fixed rate loan work?

Interest remains the same over life of loan

Who does one talk to to refinance a loan?

If you want to refinance a loan, discuss it over with the company/people who you had a loan with in the beginning. Whoever you financed a loan with first, refinance with them again.

Where can a collectible Grateful Dead poster be purchased?

A collectible Grateful Dead poster can be purchased from the 'Wolfgang's Vault' website. They have a number of them for sale, some for under $50 and some over $1000.

What is the average interest rate on same day payday loans?

The average interest rate on a same day payday loan can be over 900 % for a one week loan, over 400 % for a two week loan and 200 % for a one month loan.

Can a cosigner take over the total loan on a car?

Yes. You need to discuss this with the lender.

How does the auto loan calculator work?

An auto loan calculator factors in the interest rate of the loan, the loan amount, and length of time for the auto loan. This information givens you the monthly payment as well as loan balance for that particular loan plus the total you will pay over the life of that loan.

Is it possible to apply for a loan over the phone?

"Yes, it is possible to apply for a loan over the phone. However, the applicant must be 18 years or older, and must have a reliable income. Applying for a loan over the phone is quick, easy, and hassle-free."

Can you get a loan if you are under 18?

No, you must be 18 or over, or you must be emancipated in order to obtain a loan.

What is the amount of an average student loan?

The average Student Loan in 2009 was just over $23,000.

You have a car loan can another person take over the payments?

If the loan company approves. If the loan company does not approve and transfer the loan you would still be legally responsible for the debt.

How do you cancel a Loan. I want to cancel my loan of 400. How can I do that?

The only way to cancel a loan is to pay it off. The lender owns the loan and you have no control over it at all.

Can a family member take your car if you signed over the title to them for a personal loan?

Yes, if you did not pay back the loan. That is what "signing over" the car is all about.

Could you inform me about loan amortization tables?

A loan amortization table allows you to estimate the amount of a loan payment extended over how many months you would like the loan to be payable for.

What does an installment loan mean?

An installment loan is a loan paid with interest in equal periodic payments, in other words it is a loan that is repaid over time with the set number of schedule numbers.

Is it better to get a high interest short term loan or a low interest long term loan?

It depends on how long you need the loan for and how long it would take for you to complete the payment. But in general a low interest long term loan means a higher interest payment over the life of the loan where as a high interest short term loan means less amount of interest payment over the life of the loan.

How do you calculate the percent in a loan?

% over 100 = is over of. the % divided by 100 is the same as loan over the total. do cross multiplication...% x total = 100 x loan. divide both sides by the coeficient (which is the number you're multiplying with the percent you don't know) and then you have the percent.

Can a husband let the wife take over the loan of a house without her having rights to own the house?

If the loan by the Bank than it will be on your name. Do not pay loan if someone else as name to the loan.