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It depends on what model of car. There is a different proceedure for front wheel drive compared to rear wheel drive and a different proceedure for front and rear bearings.

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How do you replace the wheel bearings on a 1991 Chevy Lumina van?

This is a very hard job without the proper equipment. Not recommended for the novice. It will also depend which bearings you are asking about, front or back. Both equally hard to do.

How do you replace cam bearings?

That requires a SPECIAL TOOL to remove and install the cam bearings correctly. It will be hard to find someone that has that tool, and let you use it. You need to just take the engine to a machine shop and let them do it for you. It may cost about 25.00$ plus the bearings.

How hard is it too replace spark plugs on Lincoln LS 2005?

it took me about 2 hours the back one on the drivers sisde is hard to get too

Are hard drives drivers?

yes i think they are. hard drivers are drivers that do deadly tricks on an ordinary road

How much will it cost to replace front axle on a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

300 dollars for both front axles from what I've seen, but I've been looking hard for a rear driver axle for a model 44 rear

How do you clean a grinding noise in a hard drive?

Changes are that it's a fan and not the hard drive. However, if it is the hard drive, chances that the internal bearings are going bad. I'd replace the drive and transfer the contents as soon as possible, before the drive completely crashes.

How do you get wheel bearings out of a 400 ex Honda?

You have to take the rear wheels off, chain and brakes off, and pull the axle out the left side. It's not a hard job but takes some time. Check out my bio page for help.

What are better ABEC 7 or ABEC 9 bearings?

Niether ABEC means har hard the balls inside the bearings are. So don't judge bearings on Abec rating

Should wheel bearings be replaced in pairs?

Replace the one that is bad if you can figure that out. Sometimes it is hard to determine so if you can afford both do it. If one is bad the next one is not far behind.

Why is my Chevrolet blazer distributor making a grinding noise?

More than likely the bearing is bad. Take it out and see if it is hard to turn. If so, the bearings are bad and you will need to replace the distributor.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1993 Mazda Rx-7?

It is up above the rear axle housing. It looks like a bear to get to, but isn't too hard to replace.

How do you fix a starter in a 1989 Chrysler Lebaron 2.5 Turbo and how hard is it to replace?

The starter is hard to get at under the fuel lines and junk on the drivers side of the engine compartment. I had mine done by a mechanic because it was to difficult for me to get at.

What are the different ways of decreasing friction?

Making surfaces smooth and hard Rolling instead of sliding (roller bearings instead of sleeve bearings) Lubrication

Where is the oil pump located on a 1996 Chevy Cavalier and how hard is it to replace?

Near the bottom of the oil pan. There isn't really much point in replacing the oil pump without checking out the bearings. Get a little plastiguage and check the bearing tolerances. You can't do any good replacing the oil pump if the bearings are worn.

If the right front tire of a 1993 Honda Civic was pushed back two and a half inches what kind of damage was done to the car and is it repairable?

could be transmission damage. At the least the cv axle was probable broken. The cv axle should not bt that hard to replace, but the transmission is a different story.

Is it hard to replace the mirror of Toyota Camry side view mirror. dealer said it is tricky and breakable?

On Camry 99 it took me 20 mins to replace the right side. The drivers side take about the same time.

How do you remove voltswagen cabrio power window motor?

Buy a chilton's or haynes maintenance manual. They tell you everything. I had to replace my drivers side window motor. Not too hard.

How can you delete everything on your hard drive without deleting your computer drivers?

You can't. The drivers are stored on your hard drive. You would need to copy your drivers to some other medium if you wished to keep them, and reinstall them afterword.

What could agrinding sound be when you turn on your 4x4 in your suburban?

Look at your wheel bearings. Usually, the bearings are sealed inside the Hub so you have to replace the hub. Mine failed and you could feel the looseness in the hub when you took the wheel and nut off. You could also see in the back where the seal had broken. HTH. Not a hard job at all.

How hard is it to change front wheel bearings on 1999 Isuzu trooper four wheel drive?

Changing the bearings can become tricky, time consuming and sometimes brutal in front wheel drive assemblies. If you have damaged the bearings (and other stuff you don't know about yet) through abuse or accident you may find it easier and cheaperto get the whole front axle from a pull a part place; that's right' plug and play! The front wheel drives on alot of troopers where never used; secret's out now.

Why would you overhaul a engine without replacing the main bearings?

when the welfare check wont cover the beer and the bearings,you need to make a hard choice..bearings or beer...choose beer.that way when the engine blows,you wont care cuz you are drunk.

Is it hard to replace a 96 ford contour carburetor?

If it had a carburetor , it wouldn't be hard to replace - it's fuel injected

Could you Name One way BIOS and device drivers are same?

1. Both relate to hardware, but device drivers are stored in hard drive, BIOS is hard coded

What are the release dates for Hard Parts South Bronx - 2012 Axle Woes 1-12?

Hard Parts South Bronx - 2012 Axle Woes 1-12 was released on: USA: 7 August 2012

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