How has America changed during 1776?

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How has the presidential election changed since 1776?

The presidential election has changed since 1776 because we have new people each year trying to be the president of the United States of America

What happened during the Revolution in 1776?

America declared independence from Great Britain

Who was the leader of America in 1776?

George Washington was the leader of America in 1776... :D

How Delaware changed over time?

how has deleware changed from 1776

How the US changed between 1776 and 1870?

economic changes from 1776 -1870

When did America become America?

July 4th 1776

What year did America gain independence from England?


When did America become the US of America?

July 4th 1776

When did America gain independance?

America declared independence in 1776.

When did America become known as the United states of America?


Was it 1776 America achieved independence?

America can refer to Central, North or South America. The part of America that achieved political independence, in 1776, was what's now ka the United States.

What was the capital of America in 1776?

Philadelphia PA may 1775 to Dec 1776 Baltimore Maryland Dec 1776 to Feb 1777

In what year did America declare its independence?


When did America have its first flag?

may 1776

What year did America gain its indepenece?


When did America declare independence from England?


What year did America start as a country?


When did America get indipendance?

July 4, 1776

When did we become the United state of America?

In 1776.

What year did America split from England?


What year did America declare its independence from Great Britain?

1776! The Declaration of Independence was ratified in 1776, so that's the year America declared independence

Who ruled America before 1776?

America was not a nation prior to 1776. Portions of it were originally ruled by Native Americans and later by European colonists. The 13 colonies that became the United States of America was ruled by Britain directly before they declared their independence in 1776.

Which year did America get its freedom?

America got its freedom on 4th of July , 1776

When did America born?

it is an incorrect way to say when WAS America born July4, 1776

Is 1776 during the 17Th century?