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How has Australia's attitudes and reasons for war changed since World War 1?


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September 12, 2011 11:42PM

From my belief Australian attitudes have changed only alittle from the WW1 but the reasons have changed greatly, as the attitude and reason for going to WW1 was the one and same to help save the "Mother Country", as the majority of people in Australia at that time had English background or if not were in fact English. Also the attitudes of australians back then was of mateship, so if my mate is going to war then i will go too, to help him and protect him. This attitude is still there today as will always be, and the treaty's and packs we made many a years ago now still in our eyes as a nation are still valid and if that great war happens all over again we as a nation would stand up together again and fight side by side with any allied nation who calls for us.