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It has changed over time because it does not have one founder so people have slightly altered the beliefs over time. It is the same basic beliefs.

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Hinduism has been changing constantly. As an example original Hinduism was the culture of Dravidians. It has changed completely throughout the course of history.

Hinduism can be found no where in its native form. Hinduism has changed significantly since its origination.

During classical time period Hinduism was not changed much Religiously. But Hinduism was much changed in arts & sciences.

the government banned many of the taboos and superstitions in Hinduism. This drastically changed Hinduism.

Some core aspects of Hinduism changed around 260 B.C. Animal sacrifice was outlawed. The caste system was weakened. Personal worship became a greater part of Hinduism.

Hinduism had greatest cultural impact in India & Nepal. Hinduism changed the way people used to live their life completely in countries such as Mauritius.

she was Hinduism but after marrying srk she changed to Muslim

with migrants from India & other Hindu countries. Hinduism changed some of the core belief of modern us, such as Non Violence & Peace.

Brahmanism came in contact with differently faiths and beliefs, which made drastic changes in core Brahmanism. this changed form of Brahmanism developed as Hinduism.

Hinduism gave birth to many ideas such as Incarnation (avatāra) & Reincarnation (punarjanma). Also it gave the idea The Law of Cause and Effect (karma) to world.

Hinduism has a history of tolerance for other religions (in general; I'm sure there are exceptions...). Hinduism can be seen as a model for religious plurality as Hinduism itself is quite diverse. Holistic health is increasingly popular; people in the West are more interested in inner searches for truth; the philosophy on nonviolence helped remove British colonialism from India and influenced political leaders like Martin Luther King, Jr. and Cesar Chavez. All of these ideas draw from Hinduism.

Hinduism was the backbone of Indian soceity. Than after Buddhism was founded by Lord Buddha and changed the path of Indian society.

Hinduism Scriptures suggest that every being is bound in endless cycle of life & death. Reincarnation (punarjanma) means that soul never dies just the bodies are changed.

Change is inevitable, tradition changes with time. So did Hinduism & Temple of Hindu changed with time.

Yes, they are washed, fed, watered and their clothes are changed daily.

No, Hinduism started much after the Ancient Egyptians. It was started by the Aryans which started Brahmanism. It eventually changed into Hinduism and that is how it got started. Also, the Aryans were an Indian culture, which lived much after the Ancient Egyptians.Sources: An education in History.

In its history of 5,000 years or more, there are hundreds of people who influenced hinduism. However, the Gods have not changed. The trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva along with the Mother Goddess, Durga.

yes the follow Hinduism i believe they were Muslims and changed their religon to become famous CAN U BELIVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Hinduism is not a religion. It is a protocol for a Human being to live. Many people doesn't know the customs why it was done. Everything has a medical background behind it (you can even try finding why some customs are followed in Hinduism and some are later changed for their own convenience). The protocol Hinduism was formed by a group of people to make the future generation healthy in mind and body. When man began to think first that could have resulted in Hinduism...Every religion preaches the same. But Hinduism is something beyond that which teaches you about your behavior in everything and everywhere...

That is enveloped in hoary mythology. What is now Hinduism may have started at the time when humans first came to India from Africa, 60,000 years ago. It must have changed a thousand times, but there is no reason to suppose a break.

Hinduism is a subject of faith.When Invasion of Islam occurred many changed their religions but some people believed so firmly that they did not embrace Islam even if it meant dying.

Effect of Hinduism on Buddhism changed Buddhism to some extent. Also abduction of Tibet by china & destruction of Buddhist ancient buildings led to important changes.

if you mean who was the founder of Hinduism, nobody knows the answer to it. All Hindus or people who practise Hinduism are 'people of Hinduism'.

There is no founder of Hinduism. Hinduism was created by Lord Brahma himself.

The caste system used to go by what career you aspired, but now it changed to be a bit racist. Hinduism does not justify the caste system, and caste system is now illegal in india. It is more of a social/cultural thing than a religious custom.