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Since independence, agriculture has changed a lot. Green revolution, a major breakthrough in agriculture, has occurred after independence, thus making India self sufficient in meeting its food needs, and has also enabled it to export wheat to other countries as well.

but now inndia has improved a lot the farmers are strting to grow more trees but now the trees from all over the world has been cut down there will be very much disasters haping there will be soil eroson

ok now India is not good in agricultere but in some parts of India you will be fasinated by the trees.

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Develpment and changes in agriculture of India since independence?

zamindari system was demolished

Changes in occupational patterns of India since independence?

the occupational pattern of India has changed a lot since independence. a several years ago as there was less technological development in the world most of the people were engaged in primary section of occupations like agriculture, fishing, mining etc. but with the progress in the technology through out the world most of the people have shifted from primary to secondry and tertiary sector of occupations.

What has changed since the declaration of independence?


What has the author T V Sathyamurthy written?

T. V. Sathyamurthy has written: 'India and the global power configuration' -- subject(s): Politics and government, World politics 'Industry and Agriculture in India Since Independence'

Who colonised India?

The British Colonised India For Its Tea.. But I am Not Sure If It Has Changed Since...

Describe the trends of agricultural growth in india since independence?

The agricultural growth in India has become about 50% of the counties marketing since having independence. India developments go to food, savings, labor and trading goods.

How have most governments changed since their early days of independence?

Most governments have changed since their early days of independence. Many have given up some amount of sovereignty to the United Nations.

Development and changes in india in agriculture since independence?

Farmers have been able to own more land and grow more crops. This led to a more developed society both agriculturally and economically.

Who is the Governor General of India from 1947 to 2012?

There is no post of Gevernal General of India since the independence.

Biography of president of India since independence?

look up on google.

Does India have a prime minister?

Yes, India has a Prime Minister, and has had one since independence from the United Kingdom.

Is India a state of England?

Not any more. India was part of the British Empire once but has long since gained independence.

The former name of India?

India doesn't have any former name..It's known as India since it got Independence from Colonial British Empire.

Defence ministers of India since independence?

I Dont know. Ask the Prime Minister

Which border territory has been fought over by India and Pakistan since independence?


What has been a serious problem for India since independence?

In fact there are couple of them.Pakistan & China

What was the only India political party that has stuck to the same symbol since independence?


First governor name after independence since 1947 in west Bengal state in India?

The first governor that was elected after independence from Pakistan since 1947 in west Bengal State in India is Raj Bhavan. This name is actually his hindi name.

How has India changed since 2000?

They have bought many more magic carpets

How has Romania economy changed since the end of communism?

The economy is today generally private but the industry and agriculture were destroyed.

How have Life has changed in many ways since independence in Ghana?

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Names of prime ministers of India since independence and their date of birth when they became prim minister when they died and till whwn they were on that post?

names of prime ministers since independence day

When did tourism started in India?

The 1950s marked the beginning of tourism in India. The tourism industry has grown and changed in the decades since then.

Places in India whose names have not changed since ancient times?

vishakapatnam haridwar

What are the world rankings for production in Agriculture manufacturing forestry fishing?

since India is agricultural country India leads first in the worlds ranking in the production of agricultural products