How has computer technology caused the loss of personal privacy?

The most important place to start is to properly define privacy.

Privacy is the ability to keep secret things about your life that you WANT to keep secret.

People complain that Facebook and Twitter violate your privacy...but if you are intentionally posting what you had for lunch, what you read, and so on publicly, that's not a privacy issue at all. You have a right to choose what to make public.

On the other hand, if you don't WANT people to know something, and take action to keep it from public knowledge, and then someone seeks out or disseminates that information against your will, THAT is a violation of privacy.

So, for example, the fact that the US government logs every single phone call you ever make - just in case they want to dig through it later - is a blatant violation of your privacy, as well as violating several amendments of the Bill of Rights.

This is even true of more subtle violations. For example, you don't wear a mask when you drive around in your car, but you still have the desire that no strangers track what you do or where you go. If you found out that some random person was tracking your activities just because it's "in public", you'd consider that a violation of your privacy. And so would the law. So when the government logs where you go and what you do, using facial recognition, confiscated cc video, and so on they are violating your privacy.

Unfortunately, computer technology has made it much cheaper and easier for government agents to violate your privacy in these unconstitutional (and therefore illegal) ways.